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Seoul BroadCasting News

  • World DJ Festival in Seoul to reach viewers with VR and XR technology

  • Seoul BroadCasting News SMG 1521

    The city of Seoul will be hosting the World DJ Festival this weekend, although not in person due to the pandemic.
    Instead, it’ll come to you online using cutting-edge VR and so-called extended reality.
    It runs from Saturday to Monday from stages at Jangchung Arena.
    The show will be streamed using 3-hundred-60-degree VR cameras so you can get close-up, ultra-realistic views.
    There will be forty-four Korean DJs are performing, including influential EDM artist Juncoco and the popular DJ Soda.
    On the festival dates, it’ll air on YouTube and Naver from 1 PM to 11 PM, Korea time.