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  • WE UP Project to Foster Five Design Startups

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) developed five public design products together with startups in various fields through the 2021 WE UP Project to select design startups that create social value and foster them into design specialists. This project is aimed at providing startups with an opportunity to experience and accelerate growth, and citizens with public services that enhance their quality of life and convenience.

    The ultimate goal of the SMG’s WE UP Project to discover and support design startups with growth potential to develop original ideas of startups and apply them for actual use. Launched in 2018, this annual project worked with 24 companies and released a total of 26 design products.

    Five startups that had submitted excellent design ideas to a public contest held in April 2021 were selected and provided with full support according to their individual needs, such as from design planning and development, to prototyping, connection to distribution network, and online and offline promotion.

    While supporting their decision-making for business promotion through one-on-one mentoring with public design experts, the SMG also helped the startups build field experience. The designs were completed through cooperation with various stakeholders in the course of field survey, questionnaire survey, interviews, and consultation, etc. to ensure the development of user-oriented design products. Each startup was also provided with financial support for the design development cost.

    The five new designs are “SWIT.X,” which is display furniture with convenient installation and storage that offers design options for selection by users, “Rockfall Protection Net” that focuses on aesthetic and functional values of the design, “Login Tour,” which is a cyber local tour content and platform, “Upboxing,” which is multipurpose furniture that can be used in idle spaces, and “HAN:REBIRTH Matbag,” which is a mat-slash-bag made using recycled yacht sail, parachute for para gliding, and camping tent, etc.

    This year, a design contest will again be held around February to select startups that will develop new designs with the SMG through WE UP Project. Details are available on the SMG’s Media Hub website (mediahub.seoul.go.kr).


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