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  • Unleash Seoul’s Attractiveness, 「Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021」

  • Press Releases SMG 292
    • ‘Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021’ Co-hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Joong-Ang Ilbo at ‘Seoul-On Virtual Studio (DDP)’ on 24th
    • Inviting world-renowned speakers from IMD of a national competitiveness evaluation agency, Kearney of a global research institute, and Forbes of an economic media group
    • Diagnosing the status of Seoul from overseas and domestic perspectives and preparing a discussion for developmental strategies to restore urban competitiveness

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the 「Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021」 via online for about three and a half hours from 14:00 on November 24 (Wed), under the theme, ‘Unleash Seoul’s Attractiveness’.

    「Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021」 will be co-hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Joong-Ang Ilbo to strengthen the forum’s status and maximize its spreading effect.

    In commemoration of the fist co-hosting of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Joong-Ang Ilbo, Se-Hoon Oh, Mayor of Seoul, and Jang-Hee Park, CEO of Joong-Ang Ilbo, will attend to deliver a welcome message.

    In order to restore Seoul’s global city competitiveness, which has fallen over the past decade, prominent domestic and foreign speakers will accurately diagnose Seoul’s current situation and profoundly discuss developmental strategies for the future.

    Seoul announced ‘Seoul Vision 2030’ in September, revealing its desire to make Seoul as the world’s top 5 global city, and presented that global city competitiveness is its top priority.

    Starting with a keynote speech by a renowned economist from America, Tyler Cowen, Session 1 (Elevating City Competitiveness) with presentations by global speakers and a discussion meeting, and Sesson 2 (Developing City Attractiveness) with presentations by domestic speakers and a round-table talk, will take place sequentially.

    The first session is a contact-free forum that presents the way for global Seoul from overseas perspectives and shares tasks to strengthen Seoul’s urban competitiveness with domestic and foreign speakers.

    Arturo Bris, director of IMD World Competitiveness Center which is a world-renowned national competitiveness evaluation agency, Abdo Al Habr of Kearney, a global consulting firm that surveys and announces the level of globalization in major cities around the world every year, and Christopher ‘Kip’ Forbes, a vice-chairman of Forbes media group, will present about urban competitiveness.

    Afterward, Joon Han, professor of Sociology at Yonsei University, will proceed to a discussion meeting with Arturo Bris, Abdo Al Habr, Jung-Soo Park (Professor of Economics, Sogang University) and In-Cheol Shin (Professor of Urban Sociology, University of Seoul).

    The second session is a section to seek for strategies to leap as a global attractive city. Gil-Yeong Song, vice-chairman of VAIVcompany, Jong-Eun Jeong, professor of Cultural Contents at Sangji University, Jeong-Ah Ryu, senior researcher of Korea Culture and Tourism Institute, and Man-Ki Kim, CEO of FutureJob will present about the fields of culture, beauty and tourism.

    A round-table talk will be followed, which is to be moderated by Byeong-Hee Kim, professor of Advertising Creation at Seowon University.

    The forum will be held at ‘Seoul-On Virtual Studio’ located in DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza). It will be universally livestreamed via an official YouTube channel of Seoul, and anyone who wants to participate can watch it in real time

    YouTube Channel of Seoul City : (Korean) www.youtube.com/seoullive
    (English) www.youtube.com/seoulcityofficial

    Jong-Jang Yoon, head of SMG Public Communications Bureau, said, “Through this year’s ‘Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021’, we want to share Seoul’s lesson and experience to restore urban competitiveness and become a global attractive city.” and said, “I hope that Seoul will be the cornerstone of regaining the past position and moving toward becoming a global leading city in the future.”

    「Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021 Speaker Lis

    Profiles of overseas and domestic speakers

    Profiles of overseas and domestic speakers
    No. Name Position Background Note
    1 Tyler Cowen Professor of Economics, George Mason University · 2011’s Top 100 Global Thinkers (Foreign Policy)
    · 2011 The most influential economists of the decade (The Economist)
    · Author of ‘Big Business’, ‘Stubborn Attachments’, and ‘The Great Stagnation’
    2 Arturo Bris Director, IMD World Competitiveness Center · IMD (International Institute for Management Development) Professor of Finance
    · Experts in the fields of Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation, and International Evaluation.
    3 Abdo Al Habr Principal, Kearney · Co-author of Global Cities Index (GCI) Report 2020, 2021
    · Developed national vision for GCC countries
    4 Christopher ‘Kip’ Forbes Vice-chairman, Forbes · A member of Seoul International Business Advisory Council (2001~)
    · Advisory Board of the Princeton University Art Museum
    5 Joon Han Professor of Sociology, Yonsei University · President of the Korean ‘Quality of Life’ Society
    · Former Member of the Balanced Economic Division of the National Economic Advisory Council
    · Former director of the Korea Institute of Social Sciences
    6 Jung-Soo Park Professor of Economics, Sogang University · Director of the Center for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC)
    · Vice president of the Korea Money and Finance Association (KMFA)
    · Director of the National Happiness Fund
    · Former president of the Korean Association of Applied Economics
    7 In-CheolShin Professor of Urban Sociology, University of Seoul · Editor of the Korean Association for Survey Research
    · Member of the Public Opinion Advisory Group, Seoul Metropolitan Government
    · Board member of the Korean Sociological Association
    8 Byeong-Hee Kim Professor of Advertising Creation, Seowon University · President of the Government Advertising Advisory Committee.
    · President of the Seoul Branding Committee
    · Former 24th president of the Korea Advertising Society
    9 Gil-Yeong Song Vice-Chairman, VAIVcompany · Affiliated Professor, Media Department, Korea University
    · Vice-Chairman of the Korea Data Mining Society
    10 Jong-Eun Jeong Professor of Cultural Contents, Sangji University · Board Member of the Korean Association of Arts Management
    · Board Member of the Korean Association of Culture and Economics
    11 Jeong-Ah Ryu Senior Researcher, Korea Culture and Tourism Institute · Former Secretary of Tourism Promotion in the office of Senior Secretary to the president for Education and Culture.
    · Former Director of Research Planning and Coordination Office at the Korea Culture and Tourism Institute
    12 Man-Ki Kim CEO, FutureJob · Affiliate Professor of Chinese Literature at Sookmyung Women’s University
    · Former Policy Advisor of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification Committee

    「Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021 Program

    Program Details

    Program Details
    Category Duration Description Notes
    Opening 03′ · Opening and Participant Introduction Moderator
    Welcome Speech 10′ Welcome Speech
    · Se-Hoon Oh, Mayor of Seoul
    · Jang-Hee Park, CEO of Joong-Ang Ilbo
    Keynote Speech 15′ · Cities Overcoming Crisis and Developing Further Tyler Cowen
    Session 1 (Elevating City Competitiveness) 82′ · Opening Video of Session 1 (07´)
    · Changing World, Changing City Competitiveness(15´) Arturo Bris
    · The Global City: Guidance to our Future (15´) Abdo Al Habr
    · The City with Great Anticipation, Seoul (10´) Christopher ‘Kip’ Forbes
    · ‘Seoul Vision 2030’ Endorsement Video (01´)
    Discussion Meeting
    · Seoul’s Competitiveness from domestic and overseas perspectives (Moderator: Professor Joon Han)(30’)
    Domestic and Overseas speakers
    Session 2 (Developing City Attractiveness) 85′ · Opening Video of Session 2 (06´)
    · Seoul, to be Seoul-like(10´) Gil-Yeong Song
    · The Next Era of ‘Hallyu’: The Smart and Powerful Strategy of Seoul as a cultural city (10´) Jong-Eun Jeong
    · ‘EoGiYeongCha Seoul Taekwondo’ endorsement video (02′)
    · How to Enhance the Competitiveness of Seoul’s Culture and Tourism (10´) Jeong-Ah Ryu
    · Seoul: Central Hub of the Beauty Industry (10´) Man-Ki Kim
    · ‘EoGiYeongCha Seoul BTS’ endorsement video (02′)
    Round-table Talk
    · Seoul’s Development Direction and Tasks to be one of the World’s Top 5 Tourist Cities (Moderator: Byeong-Hee Kim) (30´)
    Domestic Speakers
    Closing 5′ · Ending Closing Video

    「Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021 Poster