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  • Ttareungi Grows Steadily as a Convenient Mode of Transportation in the COVID-19 Era

  • Transport News SMG 7098

    Ttareungi is the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s (SMG) public bicycle-sharing system through which bicycles can be conveniently rented and returned at citywide rental stations using a smartphone app.

    The SMG is currently operating 37,500 bicycles after having introduced this service with 400 bicycles during a pilot project in 2010. As for the rental stations, 239 have been newly installed in the first half of this year, and thus the total count increased from 2,228 as of the end of last year to 2,467.

    Ttareungi’s cumulative membership has exceeded three million in the first half of 2021. This means one in every three Seoul citizens is a Ttareungi member. It took approximately nine years for Ttareungi membership to reach one million following its rollout in 2010. However, the membership count quickly rose to three million in just a year following the COVID-19 outbreak last year.

    The SMG analyzes that the steady growth of the demand for Ttareungi service has been backed up by an increase in the citizens’ preference of contactless mode of transportation that enables social distancing in the COVID-19 era.

    The SMG also introduced Saessak Ttareungi service by lowering the age limit of users and reducing the size and weight of bicycles so as to help citizens select a bicycle that fits their individual ages and physical builds. With built-in QR terminals with IoT technology, users can conveniently rent and return bicycles by scanning the QR code with their smartphones.

    In line with the increase in Ttareungi membership, the SMG plans to additionally introduce 3,000 bicycles and operate a total of 40,500 bicycles by the end of the year. Rental stations will also be increased by 500 to 3,000. With the increased facilities, the number of service users, considering the trend of increase in the first half of year, is expected to exceed 30 million.