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The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS)

  • Transformation of the Old Heukseok-gol: Young-shin Hall and Chung-Ang University

  • The Cultural Heritage of SEOUL(TBS) SMG 2597

    Young-shin Hall is the main building of Chung-Ang University, the institution that has led the preschool education movement and the new national education system in Korea since the founding of Chung-Ang Methodist Church in Insa-dong by the missionary Henry Appenzeller, changing this barren area into a college town. Prior to the founding of the church, the Heukseok-dong area was nearly uninhabited, as it was mainly composed of fields of black stones. Yet, 80 years ago, with the construction of one school building, the history of Chung-Ang University began. Built as a two-story building in 1937 and expanded to three stories in 1968, Young-shin Hall is the oldest building on campus, and served as the main building until it was recently replaced with a new, more modern building. Seungdang Yim Young-shin, a female educator, took over the former Chung-Ang Teacher Training School, upon which she laid the foundation for Chung-Ang University. The new building is largely the result of Dr. Yim’s efforts, as she traveled to the U.S. and raised funds for several years for the construction of the new building, which received considerable attention upon its completion. As such, Chung-Ang University was built on the legacy of the Chung-Ang Kindergarten and Teacher Training School, which served as the foundation of education in Korea, mainly due to the efforts of a female Korean educator. Currently serving as the admissions office and a lecture hall, Young-shin Hall, by standing firm for the past 80 years, has kept alive Dr. Yim’s belief in “just and true” education.