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  • The 1st SUDA Winners: Space Sallim & POSCO Humans Office Building

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    서울특별시 / 다시뛰는 공정도시 서울 / 제1회 서울 유니버설디자인 대상 시상식 / The 1st Seoul Universal Design Award

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) selected its female and family complex facility Space Sallim (public sector) and the POSCO Humans office building (private sector) in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do as grand award recipients of the Seoul Universal Design Awards (SUDA) among a total of 8 selected submissions, including excellent prize recipients.

    Enacted by the SMG as the nation’s first among local governments, the SUDA awards select recipients to lead the expansion of universal design* and related industries. The goal is to discover structural, spatial, service, and policy ideas which reflects design that respects all people and spread inclusive design culture across the country by encouraging the achievements of individuals and groups that contribute to urban innovation.

    * Universal design: Design of buildings, products or environments to make them accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or other factors.

    The SMG carried out a nationwide contest this past July to August, where a total of 40 entries were received from across the country. The final winners were selected after a one-month period of document, on-site and final evaluations by a judging committee consisting of experts in universal design and citizens.

    The five shared values of universal design considered by the SMG as key factors for evaluation are unrestricted sharing, stable balance, respected diversity, innovative change, and safe space. Entries conforming to these shared values were selected following the distribution of points for each field.

    The SMG selected and awarded the Seoul Mayor Award to its female and family complex facility Space Sallim (public sector) and the POSCO Humans office building (private sector) in the “UD Environment Creation” field as their grand award winners.

    The SMG hosted the 1st SUDA ceremony at Seoul ON studio in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on Tue, Dec. 14. It was carried out with minimal participation considering the worsening of the pandemic. The video of the award ceremony will be uploaded via the Seoul Universal Design Center’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/SeoulUniversalDesignCenter).