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  • Temporary Extension of Night Bus Service for Year-End and New Year’s Gatherings

  • Transport News SMG 5624

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is promoting supplementary public transport measures to make sure that citizens return home safely during the late hours after year-end and New Year’s gatherings. As the movement of citizens is increasing with the gradual return to normalcy, the SMG is implementing extended public transportation services, including bus and taxi services, to make sure everyone gets home safely.

    As part of the measure, the SMG is going to operate new night bus service routes temporarily on three routes from Wed, Dec. 1, 2021 to Sat, Jan. 1, 2022. The routes will mostly operate around major subway stations that have high footfall, including Gangnam Station, Sadang Station, Konkuk Univ. Station, Hongik Univ. Station, and Yeongdeungpo Station.

    The new temporary routes were determined by considering football, frequency of passenger refusals by taxi drivers, and degree of busyness for the night bus service. A total of three routes, N840 (Namtaeryeong Station ↔ Itaewon), N852 (Sillim-dong ↔ Konkuk Univ.), and N876 (Eunpyeong Public Garage ↔ Yeongdeungpo Station) will operate for five days in a week from Tue. to Sat. (not available on Mon. and Sun.).

    ※ New year-end night bus routes (Dec. 1, 2021 – Jan. 1, 2022; five days a week from Tue. to Sat.)
    – N840 (Namtaeryeong Station ↔ Itaewon): Stops at Sadang Station, Gangnam Station, Itaewon Station, etc. (three buses, and six rounds of service)
    – N852 (Sillim-dong ↔ Konkuk Univ.): Stops at Sadang Station, Gangnam Station, Konkuk Univ. Station, etc. (four buses, and eight rounds of service)
    – N876 (Eunpyeong Public Garage ↔ Yeongdeungpo Station): Hongik Univ. Station, Yeongdeungpo Station, etc. (three buses, and six rounds of service)

    In addition, the SMG is going to reinforce the current late night bus service running on nine routes by dispatching 13 additional buses (one to two buses per route) to eight routes (N13, N15, N16, N26, N30, N37, N61, N62) except for N65. This will have an effect of reducing the bus service interval by about five minutes.

    The additional buses on the existing late night bus service will also start on Wed, Dec. 1, 2021, until Sat, Jan. 1, 2022. Each route will have one or two more buses running the service. The demand will be managed flexibly with the aim of decreasing the interval between buses by more than five minutes to make it more comfortable for citizens who would be waiting for their bus in cold winter weather.

    More information on night bus service routes and operation can be found via the SMG’s Transportation Operation & Information Service (TOPIS) website and mobile application.

    With the reinforcement of the existing night bus service from 9 routes and 72 buses to 12 routes and 85 buses, it is expected that citizens will be able to enjoy a greater mobility and convenience. The SMG plans to monitor the operational status of the routes such as busyness on a regular basis for detailed management of the service.

    In addition to the night bus service, the SMG is going to actively operate a passenger support group to resolve the lack of available taxi services. Starting in December, the SMG is going to dispatch a passenger support group to Gangnam Station and Hongik Univ. Station where there are the most severe cases of passenger difficulties, on every Friday from 11 PM to 1 AM. The SMG will designate these two areas as the main base and gradually extend the service to other areas.

    In three areas prone to passenger difficulties, the SMG will install temporary boarding stands, and provide incentives for taxi drivers to operate in specific areas in order to increase the availability of taxi service in these areas. In addition, a taxi passenger task force consisting of representatives from the taxi industry and city officials will be dispatched to the streets to reinforce order and enforcement, such as stopping people from snatching taxis and taxi drivers from rejecting passengers based on their destinations.