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  • SITM & SITMMT 2021 Holds Contract Negotiations Worth USD 8 Million Amidst Tourism Recession

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    The 2021 Seoul International Travel Mart & Seoul International Travel Mart for Medical Tourism (SITM & SITMMT 2021), which was held to revive the tourism industry stricken hard by COVID-19 and to dominate the future tourism market in advance, achieved valuable results despite the slump in the tourism industry.

    A total of 637 travel companies (278 companies from 40 countries, and 359 companies from Korea) took part in the event held online and offline from Tue, Oct. 26 to Fri, Nov. 5. A total of 1,841 business consultations were carried out online to curb the spread of COVID-19, and 268 sessions led to contract negotiations worth USD 8 million.

    SITM & SITMMT 2021 began with an opening program, followed by offline events of the opening ceremony, Seoul tourism briefing session, Seoul medical and wellness tourism showference, Seoul tourism talk show, beauty and tourism product promotion, and Seoul tourism round table. Live stream via YouTube surpassed 7,000 total views. Domestic sellers having difficulties in online consultation were provided with an on-site consultation support center at the Seoul Tourism Plaza and the interpretation service as well as online consultation equipment and consultation booths to ensure their convenience for business consultations with overseas buyers.

    Participants in the “Travel Mart” event this year also reported high rates of satisfaction. 97% of overseas participants and 90% of domestic participants indicated the satisfaction rate of “satisfied” or higher, and the percentage of participants who answered that there was a “high” possibility to enter into a contract was also high (96% among overseas participants and 69% among domestic participants).

    At this “Travel Mart” event, participants shared their views on the trend in the tourism and medical tourism market in the post-pandemic era, and issues on attracting wellness-related tourists in connection with medical tourism and meditation as well as tour programs involving K-pop and hallyu (Korean wave) were subject to an active discussion. In fact, amid the difficult circumstances faced by both domestic and overseas tourism industries, SITM & SITMMT 2021 is regarded to have served as a channel of communication for the tourism industry at large.

    SITM & SITMMT 2021 Holds Contract Negotiations Worth USD 8 Million Amidst Tourism Recession
    Opening ceremony Seoul tourism briefing session
    Seoul medical and wellness tourism showference Seoul tourism talk show (beauty)
    Seoul tourism talk concert (fashion) Beauty and tourism product promotion zone
    On-site consultation support center booth Video consultation