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  • Seoul’s Flagship Brand, SEOUL MADE Targets Generation MZ

  • Press Releases SMG 1618
    • Popular brands like Taegeukdang Bakery, the oldest bakery in the city and newtro trend leader, were selected as partners of SEOUL MADE
    • Seoul connects with the generation MZ through distinctive products and services showing the beauty of Seoul.
    • The city will provide financial support for product and service development and help promotion via its space, magazine, and social media.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 27, 2021 – SEOUL MADE meets Seoul’s flagship brands loved by the generation MZ (Millennials and Gen Z). As the city’s public brand, SEOUL MADE has promoted content and products containing Seoul’s vibe and lifestyle to other generation MZ around the world.

    Seoul Business Agency (SBA) launched its public brand SEOUL MADE in 2019 to communicate with the generation MZ at home and abroad. SEOUL MADE develops and discovers various products and services delivering Seoul’s sentiment by putting its logo on products made by private brands. By doing so, it suggests new experiences and lifestyles to the global generation MZ.

    The SBA has selected 15 brands that will collaborate with SEOUL MADE through recruiting.

    According to the agency, it will launch collaborated products within this year.

    Among the partner brands are Taegeukdang Bakery and Skinny Pig Creamery. Opened in 1946, Taegeukdang Bakery has provided delicious bread and treats to people for 76 years. Now, it is loved by Millennials and Gen Z, who lead the newtro trend in Korea. Skinny Pig Creamery is famous for its sweet but low-calorie ice cream. Both of the brands are based in Seoul.

    In its first project last year, the SBA teamed up with 15 brands, including Gilim International Co.,Ltd., and developed over 100 products, such as Cheongyang Mayo Almond. This year, the SBA aims to create products targeting the generation MZ who love to make meaningful purchases for themselves.

    The agency will make charming and unique products, content, and services reflecting the younger generation’s lifestyle. Then, it will introduce the products, content, and services to consumers via SEOUL MADE and its promotion channel. Five sides of Seoul—taste, style, safety, convenience, and content—are selected for SEOUL MADE to expand its brand territory.

    The SBA will help promote its partner brands by providing financial support for product and service development. It will also popularize the brands through its brand space, magazine, and social media. Partner brands of SEOUL MADE can use the logo “SEOUL MADE” on their products.

    “This year, SEOUL MADE is planning to create unique products and services that can deliver the charm of Seoul and closely cooperate with local and global generation MZ,” said Yoo Jin-Young, Director of Seoul Made Business Division at SBA. “By working hand in hand with private brands that love Seoul and develop products and services inspired by the city, we will be able to publicize SEOUL BRAND. Companies will also benefit from the keyword ‘Seoul,’ making synergistic effects.”

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