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  • Seoul’s “Energy Innovation District” to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission

  • Press Releases SMG 582
    • Seoul is going to build an additional Energy Independent Innovation District in Yangcheon-gu, which will be a carbon-neutral district led by its residents
    • The city will mobilize investment in the district’s greenhouse gas reduction plans, such as green mobility and green recycle
    • Korea’s first energy information platform with all energy-related information will be open to the public soon as well

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 29, 2021 – After selecting Yangcheon-gu as 2021 Seoul type Energy Innovation District, Seoul starts related projects in earnest from August. According to the plan of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Yangcheon-gu will be the second Energy Innovation District of Seoul, following Seodaemun-gu, the Energy Innovation District of 2019.

    Seoul-type Energy Innovation District is a part of the city’s energy transition project. Centered around a base area within the district, the city, autonomous districts (gu), citizens, and companies will cooperate in implementing greenhouse gas reduction policies.

    Yangcheon-gu is currently working on many of Seoul’s 2050 greenhouse gas reduction plan in five sectors. Specifically, programs related to zero-energy buildings, Building Energy Management System (BEMS), EV charging stations, bike paths, solar energy, urban agricultural park, a pay-asyou-throw system for food waste in apartment complexes (using RFID) are underway. Yangcheongu is also considering the introduction of new energy business lines and energy-zero cafes.

    It is already running the Eco Green Generation program where citizens can explore and experience ten excellent facilities in local energy and environment sectors. In addition, Yangcheon-gu has a plan to develop additional courses where users can freely explore and experience online, but it will keep providing the service both online and offline.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has established an Energy Information Platform where analyzed electricity, gas, heating, and water data is available. It will open the service to the general public in mid-August.

    The Energy Information Platform will offer integrated energy information, such as the amount of energy used and energy-saving data. Via the platform, citizens will check energy consumption at city, district, neighborhood, and household levels at a glance. Especially in Yangcheon-gu, the SMG will install a 98-inch large-screen dashboard for citizens to check the neighborhood’s energy and greenhouse gas information.

    “The Energy Innovation District is a cooperative project for which our citizens, companies, organizations, and schools gather together to achieve 2050 Carbon Neutrality,” said Kim Yeon-ji, Director of Citizens’ Environmental Cooperation Division. “The city government promises full support for this project to become a leading model for new energy businesses and greenhouse gas reduction plans.”