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  • SEOULIGHT’s Surreal World of Lights Displayed on DDP’s 220-m Facade

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    The Seoul Design Foundation (SDF) is holding the large-scale SEOULIGHT light show at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) at 7 PM on Fri, Dec. 17, 2021 until Sun, Jan. 2, 2022. Beautiful lights will decorate the night of Seoul four times every day (at every hour from 7 PM to 10 PM).

    SEOULIGHT is a media facade festival that displays a variety of content by projecting images on the entire facade of DDP. Started in late December 2019 for the first time, SEOULIGHT has welcomed over a million visitors thus far and become not only one of the more popular winter festivals of Seoul but also a new specialty in the DDP area. This spring, a message of hope was presented to the citizens through the work titled “Light of Hope,” which contained scenes of nature full of beautiful flowers and sprouting new lives.

    Following COVID-19 protocols for safe viewing, all visitors must book a reservation in advance via the DDP website (ddp.or.kr) starting Fri, Dec. 10. The total number of audience per session will be limited to 99, all of whom must be seated in their designated seats.

    The theme of this year’s third annual SEOULIGHT is “Seoul, Up and Running Again with DDP.” It plans to offer comfort for the Seoul citizens and everyone in the world who are fatigued from the pandemic through a virtual world realized by media art, and also to deliver a message of hope to form harmony between mankind and technology and go forward together in such an uncertain future we live in.

    The main artwork is “Lucid Dream (Jagakmong): Five Colors” by media artist Baak Je, who is also a professor at Seoul National University. In the metaverse space materialized on the facade of DDP, media art produced by various techniques in five different color themes will be displayed for 12 minutes, and this year, the park in the back of DDP is also set to be a stage of SEOULIGHT in addition to the facade. A hundred 2-m-tall lighting trees will be installed along the slope of the park to be reborn as DDP Light Garden, which is scheduled to greet visitors starting on Fri, Dec. 17.

    On Sat, Dec. 18, SEOULIGHT DDP Forum will be held in a contactless manner at DDP. As the follow-up program of SEOULIGHT, a media art piece titled “Big Move with Lia Kim” that transforms the powerful dance moves of Korea’s top street dancer and choreographer Lia Kim into motion data, will be staged from January to February in 2022.

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