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  • Seoul using AI-based CCTV to prevent suicide attempts on bridges

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    The Seoul city government is turning to AI to help prevent people from taking their own lives on bridges across the Han River.

    There’s hope the system will help reduce the country’s high suicide rate.

    Han Seong-woo with this report

    The city of Seoul has developed a CCTV observation system that uses artificial intelligence to prevent people from jumping to their death from bridges across the Han River.

    “The AI-based deep learning system can detect real time situations and predict suicide attempts. And when it predicts them, it will automatically alert rescue teams so they can observe and decide whether to dispatch their personnel or not.”

    The joint project between the Seoul Institute of Technology and the Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Headquarters analyzes data from cameras, sensors and dispatch records of rescue operations since April 2020.
    It then detects behavioral patterns that signal a risk of jumping, such as hesitation.
    The technology hasn’t been perfected yet but a pilot version will be introduced in October and rescuers are already hoping it’ll remedy the flaws in the existing system.

    “Natural environmental factors, such as passing cars or the wind, often lead to misleading or false alarms. But we believe the new CCTV system will reduce the fatigue that comes with constant monitoring and will help us carry out rescue operations faster.

    The AI-based CCTV system is the latest effort to address what is a major social problem in South Korea.
    Every year, the country has one of the OECD’s highest suicide rates… an issue that government officials have long been trying to find an answer to.
    Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.