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  • Seoul to Give Special Points for Eco Car Mileage to Reduce Fine Dust in Winter

  • Press Releases SMG 166
    • Seoul provides 10,000 Eco Mileage to citizens who reduce energy consumption by 20% during the seasonal fine dust management period
    • Those who drive less than 50% of the average mileage of Seoul can earn 10,000 points for car mileage
    • To join the program and earn special points, sign up and participate by November 30
    • The SMG expects a reduction of both energy consumption and miles driven can help deal with fine dust

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 2, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) provides special points for Eco Mileage and Car Mileage from December 2021 to March 2022. The points will be given during the seasonal fine dust management period.

    Eco Mileage is for members who successfully cut their energy consumption, such as electricity and gas, by more than 20%. And the Car Mileage is for those who drove less than half (1,800km) of the average distances driven by Seoulites. The SMG will offer Mileage worth around KRW 10,000 to successful members of each program.

    Seoul decided to introduce this plan as heating and transportation turned out to emit more than half of the fine dust produced in Seoul. It aims to encourage its citizens to reduce fine dust in their daily lives.

    As for Eco Mileage, KRW 10,000 worth of Mileages will be granted to members who reduced energy–electricity, water, and gas–consumption by 20% during the seasonal fine dust management period (December to March), compared to the previous two years.

    Members of Car Mileage who drive less than 50% of the average mileage of cars registered in Seoul (3,600km) between December and March are eligible for the same amount of Mileage per car. This is a preemptive plan to induce Seoulites to drive less and prevent a thick blanket of fine dust during winter. Anyone can join the program and earn points as long as they are members of the Mileage programs.

    Seoul first introduced this plan in 2017 to motivate drivers of cars and vans smaller than 12-passenger vehicles to use public transportation.

    From December 1, the city government holds the “2022 Winter Energy Conservation Contest for Group Members of Eco Mileage.” Businesses, self-employed workers, and organizations in Seoul that have joined the Eco Mileage are eligible to gain a maximum of KRW 10 million as a reward.

    Seoul will award prizes to selected group members (micro-business owners, welfare centers, or religious groups) who curtail energy consumption by more than 10% from December 2021 to March 2022 compared to the past two years. The amount of reduction and excellent cases will be evaluated altogether. The contest is open to businesses, self-employed citizens, and groups if they are registered in Seoul.

    In last year’s contest (from December 2020 to March 2021), 40 group members that cut more than 10% of energy consumption received KRW 120 million worth of prizes and rewards in total.

    “In winter, we often see high-density of fine dust. If we run fewer heating systems and cars during this period, we can reduce the fine dust level and earn some Mileages from the city,” said Kim Yeon-Ji, Director of Citizens’ Environmental Cooperation Division. “I ask our citizens to show their interest in the seasonal fine dust management system and special point program.”