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  • Seoul Stops Suicides from Han River Bridges With AI

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    • In partnership with Seoul Fire & Disaster Headquarters, the Seoul Institute of Technology developed CCTV control technologies custom-made for bridges over the Han River.
    • AI CCTVs will learn from footage to predict, detect, select scenes where people attempt to commit suicide from a bridge
    • “Integrated Control Center” to be established in October will reduce casualties and allow rescuers to focus on their missions

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 16, 2021 – The Seoul Institute of Technology researched and developed data science-based CCTV control technologies for bridges over the Han River in partnership with Seoul Fire & Disaster Headquarters. The institute aimed for a more scientific control system and saving more lives by advancing the current suicide detection system.

    Since April 2020, the Seoul Institute of Technology has analyzed data from the Fire & Disaster Headquarters, such as information on dispatch status, CCTV footage, data from sensors, information on people trying to commit suicide on the bridge, report history, phone calls, and text messages.

    Every year, around 486 suicide attempts are reported on bridges over the Han River. Currently, Seoul saves 96.63% of those who attempt to jump off the bridge.

    The newly-developed technologies use deep learning AI to detect and forecast hazardous situations. Through videos containing people who tried to commit suicide on the bridge, the AI learns the pattern of those likely to jump off. Then, it selects CCTV footage of a suspicious site and sends it to the monitor agent at the control center.

    This system allows rapid responses to suicide attempts—both before or after an incident—and minimizes surveillance loopholes. Not only that, but it can also dramatically reduce warning errors thanks to AI’s ability to reflect environmental factors, including illumination levels and weather, as well as characteristics of Han River bridges such as wobbling caused by winds and traffic. As data ccumulates, the accuracy of the system will increase further.

    Once the “Integrated Control Center” is established, the system will detect abnormal matters and prevent suicide attempts in the bud. As for the Water Rescue team, first responders will be able to focus on rescue missions as they will spend less time monitoring CCTVs.

    The Seoul Institute of Technology and Seoul Fire & Disaster Headquarters will run a pilot program in connection with the “Integrated Control Center for Han River Bridges.” After completing substantive testing by the end of this year, they will introduce the system in earnest.

    “The two organizations have cooperated to save as many people as possible when they attempt to jump off the bridge over Han River,” said Koh Inseok, President of the Seoul Institute of Technology.

    “As we advance, we will keep using data science analyzing technologies and working on practical studies for the safety and happiness of Seoul citizens.”