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  • Seoul Shares Smart City Policies with Lima to Develop into ICT Hub City

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held the online Smart City Cooperation MOU Signing Ceremony with Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Lima Mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells in attendance at 8:30 AM on Thu, Nov. 25.

    Lima, the capital of Peru and the sixth largest economy among 33 countries of Central and South American, has recently been experiencing a number of urban issues, such as crime and traffic, due to rapid urbanization. In an attempt to resolve these issues, Lima has been wishing to introduce the SMG’s smart city model based on its high evaluation of the SMG’s urban development experiences. Accordingly, the SMG and Lima have been discussing cooperation with support from the Korean diplomatic offices in Lima.

    Through this MOU, the SMG will share its world-leading experience in establishing smart city policies accumulated over the years with Peru’s capital Lima, the bridgehead of South America, and contribute to strengthening Seoul’s urban competitiveness as a refined city that is respected by the international community.

    The MOU focuses on establishing mid- to long-term strategies and training support for strengthening competence for the development of three areas, including citizen’s safety, public transport infrastructure, and digital.

    Through his welcoming speech, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon mentioned the special relationship he had established with Lima while performing as an advisor for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in the past, and emphasized that the SMG will actively share its smart city policy and operating expertise with Lima. Mayor Oh also expressed his wish for Lima to be reborn a smarter city based on the SMG’s smart city policies.

    Lima Mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells, in his acceptance speech, mentioned that the SMG’s smart city model is a role model for Central and South American countries, and stated his anticipation that the SMG and Lima would further strengthen cooperation in the field of smart city development through the MOU.

    The SMG is sharing its excellent transport and smart city development policies, for which international demand is high, with international cities using ODA finance, and such. So far, it has completed 89 cases of policy export, which adds up to approximately KRW 804.8 billion in total, to 60 cities in 34 countries across the world. Recently, the SMG is promoting a project to enter overseas markets with its policies according to the request from cities, including Kyiv, Ukraine and Guayaquil, Ecuador, for smart city policy sharing. The SMG plans to continuously expand smart city cooperation with international cities.

    Seoul Shares Smart City Policies with Lima to Develop into ICT Hub City