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  • Seoul sets out to attract Hallyu tourists with seven courses and 120 tourist sites

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    – With ‘Hallyu’ as a penetrating theme, Seoul discovers sites list of familiar places in TV programs and are frequented by celebrities
    – Among popular tourist attractions, selected places have a good tourist access and have been recommended by Korean and foreign tourists
    – Seoul will promote active online and offline promotion activities, including the opening of Seoul Tourism official website, publishing and distribution of tourism guidebook
    – Signpost telling the shooting story will be set up at the sites. Photo Zones will be places at some of the sites, tapping the sites for tourism resources
    – The Stamp Tour will be run at 12 major tourist sites, offering Hallyu souvenirs for tourists on the first-come-and-first-served basec


    Many tourist sites in Seoul have caught the eyes of the Hallyu fans as they appeared in Korean soap operas and other various TV programs; N Seoul Tower was where couples from “We got married”, a TV show, hanged their Love Lock at the walls on the tower’s roof, Tongin Market, the traditional Korean market, was the spot where celebrities from the “Running Man” and “Two days One Night” carried out various missions and tasted the street foods such as oiled Tteokbokki, the Korean rice cakes in hot sauce. And it was the Sunset Cafe in Dongjak which was used as the shooting site for heart-aching love story of ‘Missing You’, a soap opera. ‘

    On Feb. 13 (Fri), the SMG announced its plan to tap into those tourist sites so that the Korean wave can lead to more inflow of foreign tourists to Seoul. To this end, the SMG will select 120 tourism sites in downtown and create seven tourist routes with themes. The City Government will have intensive promotion on and off-line as well.

    < The Four Themes >
    K-Pop, K-Drama, K-TV Show, K-Star

    < 120 Tourist Sites >
    The Lunch Box Café at Tongin Market where “Two days One Night’ was shoot, N Seoul Tower, the shooting site for“We got married”, CJ E&M company building in Sangam-dong, Lotte Young Plaza Hallyu-Zone, Hair Shops frequented by Hallyu star entertainers, entertainment management agencies, etc.

    < Seven Courses >
    “I am also a Running Man” course that traces the Running man program, “Seoul Gentleman” course in which tourists look for best leading male role in Korean Soap operas, “Luxury Course”, which offers participants a daily life of Hallyu stars, “We got married in Seoul’ program that offers a peak of wedding culture in Seoul.

    The SMG listed all the famous and popular sites or sites that have potential to become a major tourist attraction as a venue for Hallyu, including some obscure streets, cafes, restaurants, or shops that use Hallyu star entertainers to promote the business and sell Hallyu products, cafes and hair shops that are frequented by Korean celebrities.

    The SMG conducted its own survey into about 270 sites in downtown that attracted domestic and foreign tourists for the past five years. Through an on-site survey, the city government first made a list of sites that are accessible for tourists and have attractive contents, then reflected tourist attraction and courses recommended by ‘The Expedition for Hallyu Tourism Resources’, which consist of Korean and foreign Hallyu fans residing in Seoul. The SMG plans to actively promote the newly discovered tourism information to Hallyu fans and potential tourists across the world through on and offline channels.

    As for online territory, the SMG will promote those sites through www.visitseoul.net, tourism webpage which is going to be reopened after a renewal on 18 (Tues…