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  • Seoul, releases its ever first crowd-sourced movie to the world

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    A total of 11,852 clips about Seoul were submitted from all around the world. People’s diverse, honest, and truthful clips have turned into a well-made art film with the touch of PARKingCHANce, the film production team led by Korea’s #1 film director, Park Chan-wook. Read on for details!


    What is your job in Seoul?

    What is deeply stemmed in your heart that’s made in Seoul?

    What do your eyes perceive of Seoul?


    The answers to those three questions are visualized in a special movie about Seoul: “Bitter, Sweet, Seoul.”


    “To Rome with Love,” “Midnight in Paris,” “Autumn in New York,” and “Tokyo Tower”… Unlike these movies, there is neither romancenor sweetness in the movie.

    But, 11,825 clips, 159 hours 35 minutes and 4 seconds…