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  • Seoul Relaxes Emergency Relief Assistance Criteria for Households Affected By COVID-19

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is extending the lowered criteria of emergency relief assistance until the severe level of COVID-19 is lifted. The lowered criteria will be continued to be lowered even in the new year to provide continued coverage of emergency relief assistance for households experiencing sudden crisis in livelihood due to COVID-19.

    Beneficiaries can receive instant assistance of KRW 3 million (i.e. four-person household) if they meet the income (100% median income or under) and estate (KRW 379 million or under) eligibility criteria and corresponds to a reason for crisis, which include accidents, sudden unemployment, temporary or permanent closure of workplace, and loss of income due to unpaid leave. Support is also provided in cases where there is a sudden drop in income for main or secondary earners who are considered as special employment type workers, freelancers, and business owners.

    On another note, the SMG will provide additional second round of living expenses to households at risk of solitary deaths along with distribution of electric heaters and blankets worth up to KRW 100,000 to households experiencing difficulties of heat wave and extreme cold to focus more on protecting citizens of vulnerable class.

    While the government’s temporarily lowered criteria of national emergency relief for COVID-19 was terminated on Dec. 31 last year, the SMG is planning to continue its lowered criteria for its emergency relief assistance program. It is expected to supplement blind spots in welfare not covered by the national emergency relief program.

    The SMG first lowered the criteria for its emergency relief program back in Jul. 2020 to extensively support households affected by COVID-19 that are facing crises due to unemployment, temporary or permanent closure of workplaces, etc. Afterwards, the SMG temporarily maintained the lowered criteria for six more months until the end of last year following the prolonged pandemic.

    The SMG’s emergency relief program remains open for application through local district offices and community service centers. Matters of assistance and details are decided through the office/center meetings. For more information, you can contact the Dasan Call Center (+82-2-120), go to the SMG’s welfare portal (wis.seoul.go.kr/hope/service/public/welfaresupport.do), or visit your local community service center.