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  • Seoul Prepares Programs for Single Household

  • Press Releases SMG 226
    • Seoul will provide customized programs in the five most important sectors (housing, safety, health, financial independence, and social network)
    • Free online and offline programs will be offered at single-person household support centers in 20 districts

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 2, 2021 – Seoul developed 66 free programs for the healthy and happy lives of single-person households. The programs are available either online or offline and open to anyone who lives alone.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) prepared various programs, focusing on the five most critical sectors of one-person households—housing, safety, health, financial independence, and social network. Those who are interested can enjoy the programs in the vicinity of their house.

    For example, citizens living alone can take the “DIY interior class” and create their ideal house when it comes to housing. If they are concerned about health, they can join programs that help them build healthy workout habits. In terms of safety, self-defense programs will be provided. More recreational and cultural programs, such as cooking, traveling, and reading, will be added to enrich the lives of single-person households.

    In Seodaemun-gu, “Gimjang Days for Single Households,” where people make Kimchi together for themselves and also for neighbors in need. It is a great opportunity as gimjang is difficult and burdensome to do alone. There are also cooking classes for Christmas home parties. Pet owners living alone may be interested in behavior modification treatment programs for pets.

    Programs for single households will be available until the end of December at support centers for single-person households in 20 districts. Depending on social distancing rules, 41 out of 68 programs will be online, and participants can join from home. The other programs will gather in small groups for senior single households who have difficulties joining the program online.

    Each center will run different programs, but citizens can join any programs regardless of their district of residence, except for certain programs. Detailed information is available on Seoul Single-person Household Portal (https://1in.seoul.go.kr) or by calling the one-person household support centers.

    There will be more programs at the support centers in each district than those for single-person households. “Social Network Support Program,” which organizes group gatherings of three or more people to relieve the loneliness of living alone, and free therapy sessions in partnership with healthy household support centers will be offered. Any single-person household in Seoul can take advantage of various counseling support at the center.

    “We will continue to develop and provide tailored programs that single households find easy to enjoy in their neighborhoods,” said Lee Hae-Sun, head of the task force for Seoul’s single-person households. “Seoul will improve the system and implement other programs as well so that citizens living alone can feel cared for.”