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  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Wins the Metropolis Award Special Mention for its Women Friendly Policy

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s women friendly urban policy became the winner of the Metropolis Award Special Mention, which is presented every three years by Metropolis, an international organization involving 119 cities worldwide.

    Park Hyun Kyung, President of the Seoul Foundation of Women and Family (http://www.seoulwomen.or.kr/nhpeng/index.jsp) received the Metropolis Award Special Mention as Seoul’s representative at the 10th Metropolis World Congress that was held in Porto Alegre, Brazil from November 23 to 26.

    Ms. Park delivered a keynote speech at the event on November 23, and introduced the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s women friendly policy under the theme of, “Achievements and Challenges in the Women International Network Forum,” to participants from around the world.

    Metropolis is the “World Association of the Major Metropolises,” which has 119 cities worldwide as members, and is aimed at international cooperation and exchange between metropolises around the world.

    Specifically, the organization conducts information exchange, and technology assistance projects on urban development, environmental protection, and economic development. Seoul Metropolitan Government joined it in 1987.

    In attendance at the latest Metropolis World Congress, which was held under the theme of, “Cities in Transition,” were more than 100 speakers from over 90 cities worldwide, including policy makers and officials from member metropolises, and international organizations, including President Dilma Roussef of Brazil; Michelle Bachelet (former Chilean President), the Chief of UN WOMEN; and Joan Clos, the Director-General of UN Habitat.

    Since Seoul Metropolitan Government has won the UN Public Service Award for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011 with its women friendly policy and projects, and has now received the Metropolis Award Special Mention, Seoul Metropolitan Government is expected to further elevate its international stature as a women friendly city.