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  • “Seoul Made” Products for Global Millennial and Gen Z Consumers

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is releasing 15 products made in collaboration with Seoul-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) this year through its public “Seoul Made” brand developed under the concept of “Seoul Meconomy” (portmanteau of “me” and “economy”), which refers to the economy of personal consumption regarded valuable to individuals, targeting the global Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

    Seoul Made is a public brand launched by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) in 2019 to communicate with Millennials and Gen Z in Korea and abroad. This year’s brand curation concept is “Seoul Meconomy” aimed at proposing new experiences and lifestyles to global Millennial and Gen Z consumers by introducing them to “ Seoul’s tastes, charms, safety, convenience, and content.”

    Some of this year’s notable launches are Baodam’s modern interpretation of the traditional Korean rice cake dessert “baekseolgi” based on the recent rise in popularity of mint chocolate flavor among young foodies in Korea, and LeBiq’s Seoul-themed diffusers designed in the shapes of Namsan Mountain and N Seoul Tower.

    Other products to be launched include Lesand’s “Seoul Forest,” a body wash for pets that captures the fragrance of Seoul’s pine trees, and Creamo’s “ADDi Block” smart city DIY kit, a set of smart blocks to build miniatures of N Seoul Tower and Sungnyemun Gate.

    Seoul-based SMEs are expected to upgrade their brand recognition through the collaboration with the Seoul Made brand. In particular, while previous collaborations had mainly focused on big name companies in the past, this year’s collaboration is aimed at strengthening branding competencies of new SMEs.

    The SBA supported the participating SMEs throughout the process spanning from product planning to branding and commercialization by holding the “2021 SEOUL MADE Branding Workshop,” an event to increase the values of products and brands developed by SMEs. The SBA will continue providing SMEs with adequate support in the course of business promotion.

    As for the promotional support for the businesses launching products, the SMEs will have the right to use the Seoul Made brand for up to two years, have access to brand experience spaces, such as Sangam Seoul Made Space and Seosomun Seoul Made Stage, and have the opportunity to operate online stores on the online Seoul Made e-commerce platform.