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  • Seoul Hosts Seoul Youth Week 2019

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    2019서울청년주간 청년활동이 교류하고 청년정책을 만나는 시간 시선이 만나다 2019.10.28(월)-11.3(일) 신촌 연세로 외 서울 곳곳

    The young people of Seoul are on the move to tackle inequality, guarantee equal opportunities for a fair start, and prepare the agenda for the future. The city of Seoul designated the upcoming period from October 28, 2019 to November 3, 2019 as “Seoul Youth Week,” holding various events to deliver the voices of the young on Yonsei-ro and in various spaces dedicated to the youth throughout Seoul.

    The Seoul Youth Week, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, will be held based on the theme, “When our eyes meet,” communicating society seen from the perspective of the youth and the youth seen from the perspective of society. The city will be holding various events such as the ▴Youth Academy, ▴Youth Activity Fair, ▴Youth Exchange Meeting, ▴ Youth Forum, and ▴Tour of Youth Activity Spaces. In addition, Seoul will be operating a promotional truck and launch a street campaign to encourage greater civic participation in the Youth Week.

    The “Youth Academy” is an academic event that is going to be held on October 31, and from November 2 to 3, 2019, where young researchers proactively discuss youth-related issues. This year, the opening session will be held on the topic of “Generational Inequality and Youth Politics.” Young researchers will hold discussions on a vast range of topics from macroscopic subjects, including youth discussions, youth politics, and youth policy governance, to issues closely related to young people’s lives such as housing policies for the young, youth allowances, and more.

    The “Youth Activity Fair” will be held on November 2, 2019 to provide an opportunity for the public to meet the future agenda and policies for the youth. About 40 booths will be opened at the fair to exhibit the future agenda, such as problems related to new labor and marine pollution, conduct surveys, and run campaigns on the topics of housing problems for the youth, family members, workplace bullying, and more.

    Under the slogan, “When our eyes meet,” Seoul Youth Week 2019 focuses on young people’s perception of the world and society’s perception of the youth. The event is expected to become a place where different generations can mingle and contemplate youth policies together. Anyone who is interested in the young people of today, including adolescents, seniors, and local residents, may participate in Seoul Youth Week. Applications for participation in the Youth Forum and Youth Academy are available online, and applications can be submitted on the day of the event as well. Detailed information can be found on the Seoul Youth Portal.
    ☞ (Information on the Seoul Youth Week2019) https://youth.seoul.go.kr

    □ Event Overview
    ❍ Event: Seoul Youth Week 2019
    ❍ Date & Time: October 28 (Mon.) – November 3 (Sun.), 2019
    ❍ Place: Yonsei-ro Street in Sinchon and throughout the city of Seoul