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  • Seoul Holds MICE Events on “Virtual SEOUL” With Buyers from 8 Countries

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    • Seoul is set to organize a series of international conferences on its virtual 3D platform, Virtual SEOUL, with Changdeokgung Palace and Some Sevit in the background
    • 81 foreign buyers and 26 Korean MICE companies will have 1:1 business meetings while experiencing Seoul online
    • World Congress of global pharma students will be held on the free-of-charge platform of Seoul as well

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 20, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan City (SMG) and Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) are going to hold a series of international events, welcoming global citizens to “Virtual SEOUL.” With Seoul’s landmarks—Changdeokgung Palace, Some Sevit (Sevit Island), and DDP—in its background, Virtual SEOUL boasts itself as an online 3D event platform of Seoul.

    On July 21-22, 2021, a virtual MICE show will be held in corporate meetings and incentive tourism sectors with 81 invitees from eight countries. And from July 22 to August 1, the 66th International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) World Congress will welcome over 2,000 pharmaceutical students from 92 countries on the virtual platform.

    Virtual SEOUL, where the SMG transformed its five most iconic tourist spots—Changdeokgung Palace, Some Sevit, and DDP—in 3D, gives visitors an impression that events are being held on site. Seoul is the first city in the world to set up a virtual platform that can host international events and serves as a place for city marketing.

    First off, the SMG and STO organize the 2021 Virtual MICE Show: SEOUL LIVE ON on July 21 and 22. They aim to match 81 tourism organizations from eight countries with local MICE businesses.

    A total of 107 organizations will gather at this event, including 81 from eight countries with high tourism demand, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

    The main program of the meeting, “B2B (Business to Business) Travel Mart,” offers member companies of Seoul Mice Alliance 1:1 online business matching with overseas buyers.

    In particular, Virtual SEOUL prepared virtual field programs for foreign buyers who cannot visit Korea in person. For the programs, the SMG created 360-degree VR videos to introduce Seoul’s 49 spots, encompassing famous hotels, convention centers, and unique venues. Games like Playing Yut at the Seoul Square and Cooking Gimbap at Gyeongbokgung Palace are expected to attract buyers, too.

    From July 22 to August 1, the 66th IPSF World Congress will be held on Virtual SEOUL. The event is the first private international conference held on Virtual SEOUL, which the SMG opened for free.

    The Congress will be staged via two platforms: Virtual SEOUL and Zoom (at Dongguk University Seoul campus).

    Around 2,000 students from all around the world will participate in the Congress organized by the IPSF. The IPSF has about 500,000 member students in 92 countries.

    Cho Mi-Sook, Director of Tourism Policy Division, said, “Although the MICE industry, where faceto-face contact is important, is shrinking due to the prolonged pandemic, we are actively promoting MICE Seoul, by taking advantage of our status as IT powerhouse and charming virtual images of MICE city.”