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  • Seoul Focuses on Disease Control and Prevention for Safe Transportation During Summer

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 451
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is implementing intensive disease control and prevention measures to create a safe public transportation environment for summer.

    <SMG cleans and sterilizes air conditioners of 7,393 city buses, and maintains thorough ventilation and upkeep of bus interior/exterior>

    The SMG will take preemptive disease control and prevention measures, such as professional washing and cleaning, to relieve citizens’ anxiety about air circulation and indoor infections caused by the use of air conditioners on city buses.

    While having had implemented measures for the upkeep and washing of city buses for summer, the SMG began to implement eco-friendly sterilization and disinfection since the first half of 2020 after the outbreak of COVID-19. So far, 7,393 city buses have been preemptively cleaned and managed this year; interiors have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, and exteriors washed as well as reinspected for painting discolored areas.

    Since May 26 of last year, the SMG’s mandatory public transportation mask-wearing ordinance has restricted boarding for those who do not wear a mask. This year, the SMG aims to conduct regular vehicle maintenance, sterilization and ventilation to prevent the spread of viruses—both COVID-19 and seasonal viruses alike—when air conditioners are running.

    <Seoul Metro maintains “highest level” of infectious disease crisis alert… Conducts frequent disinfection of toilets, escalators, etc. touched by citizens>

    In the case of subways, which are heavily used by citizens, utmost disease control and prevention will be continuously maintained on the premise that the current infectious disease crisis alert will continue at “severe” level.

    Platforms and concourses will be disinfected and sterilized twice a week, and toilets twice a day. In particular, escalator handrails, elevator buttons, ticket vending machines, chargers and refund machines, which are touched often, will be frequently disinfected at least four times a day.

    Strict measures will be taken for disinfection of the inside of trains where citizens are crowded. The optimal environment will be prepared through high-temperature steam cleaning for handles, posts, interiors and seats.