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  • Seoul Conducts Online Climate Action Campaign

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) began its “Green Seoul” campaign on Tue, Oct. 26 to raise public awareness on climate change and carbon neutrality, and form a culture of practicing environmental protection efforts. The campaign in Korean has two meanings of reducing carbon footprint and thanking citizens for their efforts.

    Carbon neutrality is a concept of achieving zero carbon emissions by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by human activities and capturing the remaining GHGs.

    This campaign has been established in accordance with the establishment of the 2050 GHG Reduction Plan to provide easy guidelines to reduce carbon emissions in our daily lives, such as at home, workplace and schools, and foster public participation. This year, the campaign will be conducted online due to the pandemic.

    As a part of the campaign, the SMG will conduct a daily green challenge from Tue, Oct. 26 to Tue, Nov. 30 where citizens can partake in one green action that they can do in their daily lives, take a photo as show of proof, and post it on their Instagram account with the required hashtags (#GreenSeoul, #GreenChallenge, #CarbonFootprint). The SMG will then donate plants under the names of participants.

    For example, participants can take photos of them not using disposable cups and plastic bags, which has been a hot issue due to the increase in delivery orders—instead using reusable cups, carrying eco-friendly tote bags, purchasing non-packaged products—and share the photos online.

    The SMG will donate 10 air purifying plants under the names of participants to elementary schools to create “forest classes,” and signboards will be given to schools where the names of participants can be checked via QR codes on the signboard. They will also be posted on the SMG’s campaign Instagram account and the SMG’s official website.

    Photo of a “forest class”

    Along with this, the SMG will hold programs, such as a carbon footprint reduction game to teach about GHGs directly/indirectly generated by individuals or groups, and carbon neutrality pledging event, from Tue, Oct. 26 to Tue, Nov. 30.

    Use a personal or reusable cup / Use eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags / Refrain from purchasing excessively packaged products / Dispose of recyclable waste separately / Use public transports / Unplug appliances that are not in use / Eat one vegetarian meal a day / Use a handkerchief instead of paper towels

    Furthermore, the SMG created easy and entertaining content to help citizens’ understanding of climate change and carbon neutrality, and will offer follow-up events, such as “Green Seoul Dance Challenge,” “Green Seoul Index Test,” and more to encourage participation by Millennials and Gen Z.

    Seoul’s “Go Green” Campaign /GREEN SEOUL /Let’s reduce our carbon footprint!/ Thanks for cleaning Go green by cleaning your email inbox! /Thanks for using Go green by using a reusable cup! /Thanks for using Go green by public bike share! /Thanks for eating Go green by eating a vegetarian meal! /Thanks for eco- Go green by friendly shopping!