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  • Seoul collaborates with online food delivery platform to reduce the use of disposable containers

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    • Seoul collaborates with food delivery app “Yogiyo” to encourage consumers to choose multiuse containers when ordering food online.
    • During the pilot operation period until January 2022, around 100 restaurants in Gangnam-gu will join the city’s scheme.
    • With this scheme, Seoul will encourage every citizen and food delivery platform to use multiuse containers for food delivery service
    • Seoul expects that it will contribute to creating and spreading eco-friendly consumption culture.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 13, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will collaborate with the nation’s second-largest food delivery platform “Yogiyo” to reduce the use of disposable delivery containers as the first-ever attempt in Korea.

    Such a measure came after the city’s recognition that disposables have surged as people have used food delivery services more and more because of COVID-19, which has been one of the social problems. With this scheme, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said it will encourage every citizen and food delivery platform to use multi-use containers for food delivery service.

    According to the statistics, in 2021 alone, the average number of disposable food delivery containers used in one month in Seoul has reached 54 million.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government signed an agreement with Delivery Hero Korea, which operates the food delivery app “Yogiyo,” and plans to implement the support initiative for using multi-use delivery containers for three months from October 12 to January 14, 2022.

    Through the program, the city provides restaurants with a full service from renting multi-use containers to collecting, cleaning, and re-supplying them so that the restaurants can conveniently use multi-use containers. Besides, the city will promote the use of multi-use containers for food delivery and analyze the initiative’s environmental and economic effects.

    Based on the agreement, the Seoul Metropolitan Government generally manages the implementation and administratively supports it. At the same time, Delivery Hero Korea promotes the use of multi-use food containers by displaying participating restaurants on the Yogiyo app, creating a multi-use container category, and adding a banner encouraging consumers to participate in such an effort at the top of the app.

    The city plans to carry out a pilot operation at around 100 restaurants located in Gangnam-gu. It will encourage the restaurant owners in the region who want to use multi-use containers but have difficulty collecting and cleaning them to participate.

    Consumers can choose one of the participating restaurants and order food on the Yogiyo app. When they order, delivery riders deliver food in multi-use containers with a bag. After finishing the meal, the consumers just put the empty containers back in the bag and apply for the return by scanning the QR code attached to the bag.

    Consumers only need to pay a small amount of service fee when ordering food in multi-use containers. The fee is used for collecting and cleaning the containers, and treating food leftovers.

    Container cleaning service providers collect multi-use containers, clean them hygienically through a nine-step washing system, and send them back to the restaurants.

    For the test operation, 17 types of stainless steel containers are used for various menu items. The cutlery and delivery bags are also provided for multiple uses, so disposable items can be reduced in the entire delivery process.

    Yoo Yeon-sik, Deputy Mayor for Climate & Environment at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “Considering the current situation in which non-face-to-face consumption has become a trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary that various organizations should cooperateto reduce the increasing amount of single-use, disposable items generated from the food delivery.” He added, “Taking this agreement as an opportunity, Seoul will continue to work together with various organizations to promote the use of multi-use delivery containers.”