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  • Seoul and 25 Companies Run Seoul Pavilion at CES 2022

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    • SDF will have Seoul Pavilion at CES 2022 under the theme of “Next Digital Seoul”
    • Seoul’s smart city policies introduced with solutions made by 25 innovative companies will contribute to promoting Seoul’s global profile
    • Five companies that won Innovation Awards with technologies such as IoT-powered nutrition management, AI pillow, and 3D eyewear fitting app will join the pavilion

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 15, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and 25 innovative companies will have the Seoul Pavilion at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, which will be held in Las Vegas from Wednesday, January 5 to Saturday, January 8.

    This will be the third time for CES to have the Seoul Pavilion. The pavilion will stand in the Eureka Park (Tech West), an exhibition arena for global startups. The SMG picked “Next Digital Seoul” as its theme for this year’s event to imply that the city will showcase advanced and upgraded digital technologies.

    This year’s pavilion will be the largest in its scale. Twenty-five innovative companies will join the city to introduce their technology solutions and Seoul’s smart city policies, thereby improving the international standing of Seoul as a global smart city.

    The solutions owned by 25 companies belong to the ▴transportation and environment (five companies), ▴safety and health (seven companies), and ▴economy and living (13 companies) sectors.

    Among them, five companies won Innovation Awards for CES 2022: ▴ALGOCARE(알고케어), a provider of IoT-based customized nutrition management services; ▴KLleon(클레온), video production and sharing social media platform that provides face and voice conversion services; ▴MAETEl(메텔), the developer of a smart pillow that detects snoring and helps sound sleep; ▴Wayne Hills Ventures(웨인힐스벤처스), a Text to Video (TTV) AI software startup; and ▴Coptiq (breezm, 콥틱), a developer of 3D eyewear fitting app recommending glasses based on big data, face scanning and analyzing.

    The Seoul Digital Foundation (SDF) is committed to supporting companies participating in CES 2022 in partnership with Plug And Play, an early-stage investor in Silicon Valley that has led Google and PayPal to success, and the Korea International Trade Association. In addition, the foundation is offering accelerator programs to reinforce startups’ global business capacity and support their technology qualification for marketability.

    For the efficient promotion of smart city Seoul, the SDF will run the pavilion with research and business development (R&DB) foundations of numerous universities. College students of the R&DB foundations will work as interpreters to facilitate business meetings of Korean companies.

    “As CES 2022 will be held offline after two years of online events, we will get fully prepared for Seoul’s innovative companies to have fruitful results,” said Kang Yo-Sik, President of the Seoul Digital Foundation. “Also, we will keep improving the competitiveness of Seoul as a global smart city amidst digital transformation.”