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  • Sebitseom Island

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    Sebitseom Island, alternatively stylized as “sevit,” is a cultural complex and landmark created as part of the Hangang Renaissance Project promoted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2006 to provide citizens with a unique waterside space to enjoy the Hangang River. It comprises the world’s first-ever floating building on a body of water.

    “Sebit” in its name means “three lights” in Korean, and like the three primary colors red, green and blue, the three islets of Sebitseom Island—Chaebitseom (“chavit”), Solbitseom (“solvit”), and Gabitseom (“gavit”)—are expressed as beautiful structures that enhance the landscape of the Hangang River and Seoul, the capital of Korea. The later-built Yebitseom (“yevit”) was added to Sebitseom Island to now comprise four islets in total.

    Chavit features several cultural spaces as well as restaurants and a buffet, which are frequently visited by families dining out. Solvit’s multi-purpose area for waterside leisure attracts citizens who want to enjoy exhibitions, performances and events. Gavit is popular with couples as a date spot with its luxurious restaurants, bakery and cafe. Yevit is an all-new addition to Sebitseom Island famous for art performances and events at its media art gallery.

    Visit Sebitseom Island to enjoy cultural experiences and delicious meals!

    Address: 2085-14, Olympic-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

    View of Sebitseom Island under the clouds painted with the sunset

    Outdoor terrace on Sebitseom Island on the golden Hangang River

    Night view of Sebitseom Island glowing in magical colors

    Sebitseom Island colored in orange to warm the night

    Sebitseom Island and its bridges

    Digital displays of Sebitseom Island glowing at night

    Night view of the Hangang River and Sebitseom Island lit up in pink

    Sebitseom Island at night seen from Hangang Park

    People sitting on benches on Sebitseom Island to enjoy the night view of the Hangang River

    People riding a mini boat and enjoying the night view of Sebitseom Island

    Sebitseom Island glowing in colors under the dark sky

    A line of mini boats by Sebitseom Island painted in blue

    People standing on the bridge to Sebitseom Island and looking at the golden sunset

    Sebitseom Island during sunset seen from afar

    Side view of Sebitseom Island colored in orange hues under the orange sky