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  • Reinforced Social Distancing Extended for Two Weeks (January 3–16)

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 1228
    • ○ (Period) Mon, Jan. 3 – Sun, Jan. 16, 2022 (for two weeks)
    • ○ (Details) Adjusted reflecting social opinions while maintaining COVID-19 protocols
      • – (Movie theaters and performance venues) Following adjustment requirements considering the length of screening/performance (2 to 3 hours): (Before) Until 10 PM → (After) Until 9 PM for start of screening/performance
    Key Details of Maintaining Reinforced Social Distancing
    • ○ (Private gatherings) Private gatherings of up to 4 persons nationwide regardless of vaccination status

      * However, existing exceptions, such as cohabitating family, caretakers (of children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, etc.), are maintained

      • – (Restaurants, cafes) Exception allowed only for individual use by non-vaccinated persons*

        * Non-vaccinated persons excluding persons exempt from the vaccine pass (e.g. persons with negative PCR test result, minors under 18, cured patients, persons unable to get vaccinated)

    • ○ (Business hours) 9 PM for groups 1 and 2; 10 PM for group 3 and other selected facilities
      • – (9 PM restriction) Business hours are restricted to 9 PM for group 1 (e.g. entertainment facilities, etc.) and group 2 (e.g. restaurants, karaoke rooms, baths/saunas, indoor sports facilities)
      • – (10 PM restriction) Business hours are restricted to 10 PM for group 3 and other selected facilities (e.g. arcades, multi-rooms, casinos, PC rooms, private academies,* massage parlors, party rooms)

        * 10 PM restriction applied to lifelong vocational education institutes

        ** Massage parlors and massage centers operated by a blind masseur is excluded according to the Medical Service Act

    • ○ (Events, assemblies) Events and assemblies up to 49 persons allowed regardless of vaccination status, events, and assemblies up to 299 persons allowed if it only consists of “fully vaccinated persons, etc.”
      • – Events of 300 persons or more (e.g. irregular performance venues, sports competitions, festivals) are continued to be allowed under the approval of related institutions; however, approval will not be provided excluding necessary events during the reinforced social distancing period
      • – Expansion of vaccine pass application for events of 50 persons or more that are excluded or applies separate rules (limit of up to 299 persons not applied)

        * (Exceptions) Essential public/corporate events (e.g. ordinary BOD meeting, etc.)

        * (Separate protocols) Exhibitions, expos, international meetings

    • ○ (Religious facilities) 30% of maximum occupancy regardless of vaccination status (up to 299 persons); occupancy of up to 70% allowed if it only consists of fully vaccinated persons
    • ○ (Adolescent vaccine pass) Application period is adjusted for teenager vaccine pass to secure term of vaccination for adolescents and smooth settlement
      • – (Application period) 1 month delay in application period (March 1, 2022) + 1 month grace period (April 1, 2022 until imposition of fines) so the adolescent vaccination rates can reach a sufficient level
    Age, Effective, Note
    Age Effective Note
    Before ① Ages 19+
    * DOB: Dec. 31, 2002 and older
    Dec. 6, 2021– Currently enforced
    ② Ages 12–18
    * DOB: Dec. 31, 2009 and older
    Feb. 1, 2022– Middle/high school students
    (2022 school year);
    No grace period
    After ① Ages 19+
    * DOB: Dec. 31, 2002 and older
    Dec. 6, 2021– No changes
    ② Ages 12–18
    * DOB: Dec. 31, 2009 and older
    Mar. 1, 2022– 1 month grace period
    (Mar. 1–31, 2022)
    • ○ (Vaccine pass for department stores and supermarkets) Concerns on fairness and need for application is continuously raised as large stores were excluded from vaccine pass application despite the entry of multiple unspecified persons
      • – (Adjustment) Vaccine pass applied even to large stores (e.g. malls, supermarkets, department stores) over 3,000 m2 target for KI-Pass and QR check application, etc.
      • – (Application period) Applied starting Mon, Jan. 10 with a 1-week preparation period* to minimize on-site confusion with a 1-week probation period (Jan. 10–16)
        • * Time for prior notice and preparation period is required considering the difficulties in access control due to the openness of the facility (multiple entrances) and the essential nature for daily life such as purchasing daily necessities, etc.
    Currently applied facilities (16 types)
    ▴ Night entertainment facilities, etc. (e.g. bars, pubs (including karaoke bars), clubs (including night clubs), pick-up bars, colatecs, dance halls); ▴ Karaoke (coin) rooms; ▴Indoors sports facilities; ▴ Baths/saunas; ▴ Cycling/boat/horse racing facilities; ▴ Restaurants and cafes; ▴ Private academies, etc.; ▴ Movie theaters and performance venues; ▴ Study rooms/cafes; ▴ Multi-rooms; ▴ PC rooms; ▴ Indoor sports stadiums (viewing); ▴ Museums, art galleries, and science halls; ▴ Party rooms; ▴ Libraries; ▴ Massage parlors

    Additionally applied facilities (1 type)
    ▴Department stores, large supermarkets (+3,000 m2)

    ※ Phased easing with low-risk facilities upon review following reduction of confirmed cases.