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Seoul Vision 2030 ?

Seoul Vision 2030 is the master plan of the basic directions of the SMG’s administrative operation for the next decade until 2030.
It entails the following visions:
Coexistence: Guaranteeing fair competition and opportunities
Global Leader: Enhancing urban competitiveness as one of the top five global cities
Safe City: Guaranteeing health and safety through Seoul’s urban resilience
Future Emotional City: Boasting charms and elegance where tradition, present and future coexist

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  • City of CoexistenceSeoul Learn – Policy for Equal Educational Opportunity
    The SMG aims to reduce the educational gap by providing equal educational opportunity, such as offering free online lectures and mentoring services to underprivileged youth.
  • City of CoexistenceRedevelopment Regulatory Relief – Six-Track Housing Stability
    The SMG will relieve 6 major redevelopment regulations and stabilize housing for citizens by carefully promoting prompt housing supply.
  • City of CoexistenceSeoul Young Tech – Financial Consulting and Education Services for Young Adults
    The SMG will help young adults to learn about stable financial management, and achieve financial independence through structured one-on-one financial consulting and education with experts.
  • City of CoexistenceYouth Employment Academy – Future Job Ladder for Young Job Seekers in Their 20s & 30s
    The SMG will train young adults for Industry 4.0 that companies prefer, and match them with about 2,000 excellent companies in Seoul.
  • City of CoexistenceNew Jobs for 50+ Seniors – Total Support for Startups, Job Creation, Job Change for Middle Aged and Senior Citizens
    The SMG will provide personalized support for startups, which lowers risk and increases the likelihood of success, and support reemployment of middle aged and seniors who retired/planned to retire early.
  • City of CoexistenceCommercial Alleyway Map – Revitalization of the Local Economy
    The SMG will complete the map for small businesses of alleyways in Seoul through developing Seoul’s unique commercial alleyways.
  • City of CoexistenceSeoul Reliable Income Pilot Project – Assistance for the Underprivileged
    The SMG's welfare system that aims to relieve welfare blind spots and income polarization by providing more support for low income earners.
  • Global LeaderFinancial Center of Asia – Establishment of the Seoul Investment Agency
    The SMG will promote various businesses so that Seoul can grow into a desirable global investment destination in the future, when Seoul is reorganized around Industry 4.0 technologies.
  • Global LeaderNew Growth Innovation Hubs – Centering Around the Hangang River
    The SMG will increase Seoul's urban competitiveness through the creation of a new innovation axis, and upgrade the urban space by combining sentiments and recovery of disconnected and old spaces.
  • Global LeaderGlobal Beauty Hub – Seoul As the Center of Global Beauty & Fashion
    The SMG will continue to make Seoul an attractive city with more cultural content under the keyword 'beauty,' and expand the concept of beauty to cosmetics, fashion, plastic surgery, gourmet, tourism and MICE industries.
  • Global LeaderGlobal Unicorn Development – The Goal of Every Startup Worldwide
    The SMG will provide infrastructure, human resources, capital, and marketing support to promising startup companies into unicorn companies (non-listed private startups with a corporate value of more than KRW 1 trillion).
  • Global LeaderPersonal Mobility Management System – For Electric Scooters & More
    The SMG will create a safe environment for both riders and pedestrians by establishing a management system of personal mobility (e.g. electric scooters, bicycles).
  • Global LeaderAutonomous Mobility – For World-Class Future Transportation System
    The SMG will prepare for the future of Seoul to lead changes in the transportation and life of citizens, by establishing the foundation of the transportation system for autonomous vehicles.
  • Global LeaderHangang Park Facility Maintenance – For Public Convenience & Safety
    The SMG will make it so that anyone will be able to walk to Hangang Park within 10 minutes from anywhere near the Hangang River, and old and faded ICs will turn into bright and pleasant environments.
  • Global LeaderUnderground Infrastructure – For Improved Traffic & Environment
    The SMG will relieve traffic congestion through underground-ization of driving roads in the southwest region, and resolve regional disconnection and create eco-friendly space by improving the upper structure.
  • Global Leader2022 Seoul Festa – Major Tourism Festival in Asia
    The SMG create Seoul Festa to grow into a major tourism festival of Asia filled with unique enjoyments of Seoul, suitable for the upcoming the 'With Corona' phase.
  • Safe CityOn Seoul, Health On – Seoul-style Smart Health Care Device
    The SMG will provide Seoul On smart bands, health-related consulting services, and Health On points to increase the convenience of citizen’s health management and improve self-health management abilities.
  • Safe CityDisaster-Safe City – With Smart Disaster Management System
    The SMG will establish a smart disaster management system to keep Seoul citizens safe from disasters such as extreme weather and urbanization (structured disaster management system from prevention to recovery).
  • Safe CitySafe Asbestos-Free Schools – A Safe Future City For Children
    The SMG will create a safe educational environment through dismantling and removing asbestos in schools, thorough inspection of asbestos in air, and an 'asbestos-free city manual.'
  • Safe CitySafe Hospital Chaperone Service – Assistance for Single-Person Households
    The SMG's 'Safe Hospital Chaperone' service will dispatch a chaperone to accompany you as a guardian to the hospital to back home for single-person households that need help going to the hospital.
  • Safe CitySeoul-style Shared Daycare Center – Through Cooperation by Daycare Centers
    The SMG will prevent concentration of specific daycare centers and higher the quality of service, through cooperation with nearby daycare centers and sharing of high-quality daycare programs.
  • Safe CityElectric Vehicles & Charging Stations – Zero-GHG Clean Air Campaign
    The SMG will make a cleaner Seoul with zero-emission electric vehicles.
  • Safe CityGreen Seoul Project – Zero-Waste No Plastic Campaign With Cafes, Restaurants & Supermarkets
    The SMG will create Seoul free from disposable plastic product waste.
  • Future Emotional CityTributary Renaissance – Citizen-Centric Waterfront Spaces
    The SMG will turn small streams into urban and citizen-centric spaces for rest, activity and communication starting from tributaries to the Hangang River.
  • Future Emotional CityMetaverse Seoul – A New Virtual World of Seoul
    The SMG will introduce metaverse into various services such as cultural tourism, economy, education, and civil complaints. Visit Metaverse Seoul from anywhere and anytime to experience new administrative services.
  • Future Emotional CitySejong Center for the Performing Arts 2.0 – Futuristic Cultural Platform
    The SMG will remodel the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts into a futuristic cultural complex, turning Gwanghwamun into Korea's cultural platform.
  • Future Emotional CityDesign Competitiveness – Enhancement Centered Around DDP 2.0
    The SMG will strengthen Seoul's design competitiveness based on DDP—the mecca of global design— through developing contents unique to DDP.
  • Future Emotional CityHanyangdoseong, Tangchundaeseong & Bukhansanseong as World Heritage Sites
    The SMG will promote the listing of three fortress walls surrounding the capital defence of Hanyang during the Joseon dynasty as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Future Emotional CityBaekje Historic Area – Earthen Fortification in Pungnap-dong, Seoul
    The SMG will promote the development of cultural heritage by building the Baekje Historic Area, the beginning of the 2,000-year history of Seoul.
  • Future Emotional CitySeoul Water Recycling Experience Center & Park – Programs For Children & Leisure For Citizens
    Where do human feces go from the toilet? Children can learn about the sewage treatment process through games at the Seonam Water Recycling Center.
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