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  • Publication of E-Book on Changes to Living in Seoul for 2022

  • Urban Planning News SMG 107
    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will publish its annual e-book that covers the changes to living in Seoul for 2022 in mid-January to inform readers of its new projects, public facilities, and policies related to daily life. This year’s publication details 60 projects encompassing the four visions of Seoul Vision 2030, including 22 “co-prosperity” projects, 17 “urban resilience” projects, 8 “global leadership” projects, and 13 “future vibes” projects.

    Co-prosperity: “Safety Income” assistance program, “Seoul Learn” educational equity, and revitalizing small and local businesses

    First, the SMG will initiate its “Safety Income” assistance program for 500 households that meet the criteria (income and estate) to provide financial assistance for three years, and study the effects of the program by comparing the changes with comparative groups for five years. Second, the SMG will expand the “Seoul Learn” online learning platform to provide online lecture content and direct mentoring services to not only teenagers of the vulnerable class, but also to teenagers of single-parent families and North Korean defectors to close the education gap. Additionally, various non-curriculum subjects such as career and education content, general knowledge, humanities, social studies, and certificates will be provided to all teenagers and young adults. Third, the SMG will revitalize commercial districts to strengthen support for small businesses experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19 and create unique local brands in the likes of Yeontral Park and Sharosu-gil.

    Urban Resilience: “On Seoul, Health On” health care management, Seoul-type shared daycare centers, and safe hospital chaperone service for single-person households

    First, the SMG will launch its “On Seoul, Health On” smart health care service for convenient and portable integrated self-health management using personal ICT devices. Second, the SMG will address the education gap between national/public and private/family-run daycare centers, and operate Seoul-type shared daycare centers based on co-prosperity and cooperation to enhance the quality of childcare services expanding to all 25 districts in the midst of low fertility trends. Third, the SMG will provide solutions to support the ever increasing single-person households with safe hospital chaperone service starting in January 2022 (launched pilot operation in November 2021). A dispatched manager will accompany users to and from the hospital at an affordable cost.

    Global Leadership: “Seoul Festa” event, “Seoul Light” exhibition, and “Seoul Startup Hub M+” office

    First, the SMG will host the global Seoul Festa tourism event which can be enjoyed by both citizens and domestic/international tourists to vitalize Seoul’s tourism industry, which has been experiencing recession due to COVID-19. It will feature Korea’s first-ever EV race competition and performances by famous Korean celebrities along with many other events to enjoy the style and taste of Seoul, shopping, and various cultural performances. Second, the SMG will host the “Seoul Light” exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) year round to display media art with tell various stories using lights and illuminations to send a message of hope to citizens exhausted from the prolonged pandemic. Third, the SMG will open the “Seoul Startup Hub M+” office in Magok, which serves as a hub for innovation in cutting-edge R&D convergence. The SMG will offer various programs, such as support for technology and commercialization, investment matching with the SMG”s innovation growth fund, pioneering global markets, entrepreneurship education and expert mentoring, along with supporting business spaces for companies with the goal of mutual growth between megacorporations and SMEs as well as establishing a creative convergence ecosystem.

    Future Vibes: “Metaverse Seoul” platform, all-new Gwanghwamun Square and media facade, and cultural performances for elementary school students

    First, the SMG will launch its independent “Metaverse Seoul” platform for the first time among local governments in Korea as a virtual communication channel for its municipal administrative services in the midst of the pandemic. While providing services such as visiting or experiencing tourist attractions in Seoul in a three-dimensional virtual space, various experience and sensory services and citizen-participatory spaces is planned to be provided. Second, the SMG will reveal an all-new renovation of Korea’s iconic Gwanghwamun Square. The SMG reflected citizens’ opinions and plans to speed up the completion of the new Gwanghwamun Square area, which keeps its historical significance while strengthening pedestrian accessibility, and reveal the new space in the first half of this year. A media facade which decorates the cultural and tourist hub with splendid lights is also planned to be installed and operated following the opening of the new square. Third, the SMG plans to offer cultural performances to elementary school students to foster cultural sensitivity in children. While expanding elementary school students’ opportunities to view cultural performances, performance opportunities for Seoul-based artists will be provided to facilitate the vitalization of the arts and culture, which is experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19.

    The new e-book will be published in mid-January and be available for viewing online (ebook.seoul.go.kr, opengov.seoul.go.kr and mediahub.seoul.go.kr).