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  • Nine International Residents Bestowed Honorary Seoul Citizenship

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    Nine international residents from eight countries who contributed and showed various acts of kindness in their respective fields, such as economy, culture, health and tourism, while living in Seoul have been bestowed honorary Seoul citizenship for 2021.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held the Honorary Seoul Citizenship Ceremony 2021 at 4 PM on Wed, Dec. 1 at the Multipurpose Hall on the 8th floor of Seoul City Hall. Mayor Oh Se-hoon and nine new honorary Seoul citizenship recipients attended the event with limited capacity and event scale in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. It was also filmed and live-streamed (tv.seoul.go.kr) so that family and friends unable to attend could congratulate them.

    The ceremony started with an opening video of pre-conducted interviews, followed by a welcome speech and bestowal by Mayor Oh Se-hoon. The event was visited by Seoul’s honorary citizenship representative, and concluded with a group photo. This year, the honorary citizens were selected out of 32 internationals from 24 countries recommended by institutions and organizations through a strict screening process by the judging committee. They were people who contributed to making Seoul a happy city for both Koreans and non-Koreans by actively participating in various Seoul administration policies related to economy, culture, tourism, and more while showing various acts of kindness.

    The SMG’s honorary Seoul citizenship system began at around 1958 when internationals who helped restore the city were awarded honorary citizenship. Since then, honorary citizenship has been bestowed to international recipients who have contributed to the development of Seoul’s city administration, including heads of state and diplomatic envoys, for their contribution and friendly cooperation. A total of 891 honorary citizens from 100 countries have been selected and bestowed honorary Seoul citizenship so far.

    After being recommendation by embassies, heads of public institutions and social organizations, and submission of signatures collected from over 30 citizens, honorary citizenship recipients are finally selected through a separate screening process by the judging committee and an agreement by the Seoul Metropolitan Council.