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Seoul Club Introduction

Seoul Club


Welcome to the Official Seoul Club Website, operated by the International Exchange Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

We would like to collect your opinions about improvements that can be made related to the city of Seoul. Please share your opinions with us through the Activity Page or Seoul Club’s Official SNS.

Seoul Club is a people-based network, composed of people who have resided in Seoul, or people who are respectfully recognized by the contemporary society, through which Seoul can stay connected to the World.

Seoul Club is currently organized in Beijing, Manila, New York, Los Angeles, Sichuan, Shandong, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar, and Bangkok, and it is planned to further expand to other places all over the world in the future.

Your advisory opinions and various ideas uploaded on the Activity Page, will be greatly helpful to improve the information about Seoul and will be thoroughly reviewed and reflected.

Members of Seoul Club are all priceless parts of Seoul, as much as Seoul citizens are; your interests, favors, advice, and encouragements will definitely be a great help to further the development of Seoul Special City.

Thank you very much.

Please share your opinions about Seoul!