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  • Naksan Park

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    You can get a vast panoramic view of downtown Seoul not only at Namsan Mountain, but also Naksan Park, which is famous for the beautiful nightscape of Seoul. On weekend evenings, visitors—especially couples—come to the park to follow the excursion trail that runs from Hyehwa to Dongdaemun along the walls of Hanyangdoseong.

    Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall, has an average height of about 5–8 m, and a total length of about 18.6 km. It was constructed during the Joseon dynasty to surround Hanseongbu, the Joseon-era capital and also the former name of Seoul, to block invasion from outside forces. It stands as the longest city wall of all extant city walls in the world.

    Naksan Park also has benches and fitness equipment for those who visit to health and exercise. Nearby is Ihwa Village, where there are various photo ops for you to pose against colorful murals.

    While many young couples come to the park in the evening because of its beautiful panoramic view of Seoul’s nightscape, which is a must-see in person, everyone is welcome to visit Naksan Park and enjoy the dazzling nightscape of Seoul!

    Address: 41, Naksan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

    Entrance to Naksan Park and Naksan Gallery under the clear blue sky

    Pedestrian path under lush leaves

    A couple climbing up the walking trail

    Naksan Park excursion trail under the clear blue sky

    Naksan Park excursion trail with pink cosmos in full bloom

    Naksan Park visitors passing by Ihwamaru vegetable garden

    Naksan Park visitors viewing downtown Seoul over the city wall

    Naksan Park visitors stopping by for a cup of coffee

    Naksan Park visitors basking in the afternoon sun

    A couple walking down the excursion trail along the city wall passing by a big citrus tree

    Naksan Park visitors watching the sunset over downtown Seoul

    Naksan Park visitors walking on the well-lit excursion trail along the city wall at night

    Naksan Park visitors taking night photos along the city wall

    Naksan Park visitors along the well-lit excursion trail along the city wall at night

    A nightscape of downtown Seoul as seen from the top of Naksan Park