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  • Mayor Oh Se hoon’s First Pledge to Set Up an Organization for 1.3 Million One-person Households

  • Press Releases SMG 275
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government will operate “Special Taskforce(TF) for One-Person Households” immediately on April 19.
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government will reorganize beneficiary-centered projects and discover new projects to relieve safety, housing, and loneliness.
    • The “Special Taskforce(TF) for One-Person Households” will establish policy directions after understanding the actual condition and prepare special measures for each field through regular organization.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, APRIL, 19 , 2021 Starting April 19, the Seoul Metropolitan Government immediately operates the “Special Taskforce(TF) for One Person Households” to provide comprehensive support for single person households as the first pledge of Mayor Oh Se hoon.

    After revising the rules, it will establish a new regular organization under the direct control of the Mayor in May.
    Mayor Oh Se hoon has stressed the need for comprehensive support as single person households are rapidly increasing to 33% in Seoul, but ha ve been alienated from policies and support is dispersed.

    The number of single person households in Seoul has increased about 1.5 times in 10 years from 850,000 in 2010 to 1.3 million currently. It is 33% of all households which means one household is sin gle person among three house holds.

    The existing measures for single person households in Seoul were being carried out separately by departments such as the Women and Family Policy Office, the Citizens’ Health Bureau, the Welfare Policy Office, and the Ho using & Architecture Headquarters. The newly installed organization is an exclusive organization that combines dispersed functions. Following the revision of the ordinance and rules , it will launch a regular organization by increasin g the size of the taskforce by May.

    The policy focuses on the five major pain of one person households: safety, disease, poverty, loneliness, and housing.

    1. Safety: Support for security guards/ Installation double locking devices and emergency bells / E xpansion CCTVs / Introduction a special police system

    2. Diseases: Distribution of smartwatches/ Cooperating with local hospitals and health centers/ Introducing a system of medical attendants.

    3. Poverty: Introducing a labor pool in connection with companies / Creating jobs to improve the elderly’s self esteem / Education for jobs

    4. Lonliness: Research on lonliness and depression / Running a university for the elderly / Providing group conseling services

    5. Housing: Supplying sharehouses / Providing housing management services / Creating environment for co exsting with pets

    Mayor Oh Se hoon said, “We will start to resolve the five major pain of one household citizens who are uncomfortable and anxious because they live alone. Single person households are a major member of society but policies are not keeping up despite the rapid increase. Starting with the establishment of the taskforce, we will develop policies that users actually need and provide comprehensive support.