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  • Largest Ever Seoul Booth at CES 2022

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is participating in CES 2022, the most influential tech event in the world exhibiting innovative technologies and services from global tech firms, held in Las Vegas for three days from Wed, Jan. 5 to Fri, Jan. 7, 2022. The SMG will open the largest ever Seoul booth at this year’s CES, which will be held offline after two years of online virtual shows, along with 25 innovative companies to raise Seoul’s international status as a smart city.

    This year’s Seoul booth will be stationed on a 310-square-meter area in Eureka Park (Tech West), which is the largest among all previous installations. The booth will feature 25 innovative Seoul-based companies, which also marks the greatest participation to date. Seoul booth will garner much attention as the only booth in Eureka Park with a pitching stage. Active promotion of companies will be carried out by inviting global venture capitalists, accelerators, and buyers every day.

    The Seoul Digital Foundation started operation of the booth starting with the opening ceremony on the first day (Jan. 5), and released operational plans based on the five differentiated motives of Seoul booth compared to other countries’ and cities’ booths.

    The five motives comprise: innovation of participating companies; preemptive company support program; creation and operation of the only pitching stage in Eureka Park; global networking events (e.g. Seoul Pitching Day); and operation of a 25-person university student supporters.

    Of Seoul booth’s participating companies, 24% were selected for the CES 2022 Innovation Awards, receiving the most attention at this year’s CES. The SMG is operating a preemptive capacity-building program so that these excellent companies can expand to global markets as well as hosting a daily company pitching event to fully support the opening of new sales channels.

    Furthermore, various additional events will be hosted, including CES Eureka Seoul Forum (Jan. 7), to share insight on topics from developing digital technology to the post-pandemic paradigm shift. The aim is to share key achievements during the CES event and reflect on its significance and implications.