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  • Hangang Park to Become a Large Open Museum in Collaboration with Frieze Art Fair

  • Press Releases SMG 45
    • The Hangang Office of the SMG and the K-Sculpture Organizing Committee plans to exhibit 4,155 sculptures in 11 Hangang Park until 2024
    • In September, Seoul will collaborate with Frieze Art Fair, one of the world’s top three art fairs, and hold a special exhibition for the first time in Asia
    • The exhibitions are expected to allow citizens to enjoy art and culture in their daily lives while resting and taking a walk in riverside parks. It will also be a great opportunity for Korean sculptors

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, January 11, 2022 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and K-Sculpture Organizing Committee announced that they will make 11 Hangang Parks into large open museums exhibiting sculptures until 2024. This plan aims to provide citizens with more cultural experiences outside museums. As a result, Seoulites will be able to have cultural experiences while taking a stroll or a rest in day to day lives. Exhibitions will begin in February.

    Groups of sculptures will be rotated between two parks every two months. Each park will display 35 pieces of art at a time. However, the rotation will be a little different from the traditional way. Instead of rotating the same group of sculptures, Seoul will add new pieces by park and season. In total, 4,155 sculptures will meet Seoul citizens for three years.

    Most notably, Frieze Art Fair, one of the three most prestigious art fairs globally, will have a special exhibition in Seoul in September. This exhibition is the first Frieze Art Fair to be held in Asia. Seoul will secure a large open space in Hangang Park near Coex, where Frieze Art Fair will take place. In September, around 1,000 sculptures will be displayed there. The art fair will be open for free to the public as well as international and domestic art figures and collectors.

    According to the SMG, the exhibition extends the sculpture project that started last October. Through this project, Seoul has been showing 300 sculptures to its citizens in Yeouido, Ttukseom, and Banpo Hangang Parks. This exhibition will close after January 11.

    The city government expects that the open museums will provide much joy to citizens and meet their cultural demands. Also, it will be a great chance for Korean sculptors to show their works to the public and the Korean sculpture community to expand their market.

    “I hope the citizens who visit the Hangang Park can experience a whole different level of joy,” said Yoon Jong-Jang, Head of the Hangang Office.“ We will keep following the trend and make Hangang Park a place where people can meet the art while taking a quality rest.”