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  • Grand Opening of the Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA)

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) officially opened the Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA), Korea’s first public museum specializing in craft art with over 23,000 artworks. The grand opening ceremony was held on Mon, Nov. 29, and SeMoCA opened to the public on Tue, No. 30. Previously, the SMG had postponed the scheduled opening ceremony back in July 15 due to the pandemic, and opened the museum with limited access only for pre-opening viewing.

    SeMoCA has emerged as a new trendy spot where more than 76,000 people have visited over the past four months with an average reservation rate of 95.7%.

    The grand opening ceremony was held in the lobby on the first floor of Exhibition Building 1 at 2:30 PM with various participants including Mayor Oh Se-hoon, donors, craft artists and more.

    SeMoCA is the only public museum specializing in crafts in Korea where people can meet crafts of different times and fields from the Goryeo dynasty to the present. To this day, SeMoCA holds a total of 23,257 pieces of craft, including nationally designated cultural heritage. SeMoCA aims to be a platform that spreads the crafts by researching and sharing knowledge, records, people, and materials.

    SeMoCA is located where Pungmoon Girls’ High School used to be, having renovated the building and newly constructing the Information Building and hanok buildings, comprising a total of seven buildings (Exhibition 1 Building, Exhibition 2 Building, Exhibition 3 Building, Education Building, Information Building, Management Building, and Craft Annex) where various special and private exhibitions are held.

    SeMoCA is open to the public as an accessible museum for anyone to enjoy exhibitions regardless of disability. It features a braille map at every entrance for the visually impaired, an interactive touch exhibition zone, and audio commentary service. Various convenience facilities and assistive devices are also available, such as height-adjustable desk for wheelchairs, and magnifying device for the visually impaired.

    With the official opening, SeMOCA’s Information Building (Artrium), which had been closed, will be open along with museum shop and cafe where people can purchase craft works they saw on the exhibition.

    SeMoCA remains to be operated based on a reservation system with a maximum 330 person capacity.

    Overview of SeMoCA (Map)

    Overview of SeMoCA (Map)
    Information Building Exhibition Building 1 Exhibition Building 2
    Exhibition Building3 Exhibition Building  

    Overview of Exhibitions

    Overview of Exhibitions
    Exhibition Halls

    Samples of Gift Shop Products

    Samples of Gift Shop Products
    By Kim Yik-yung
    By Huh Sang-wook
    By Kim Dong-wan