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  • Daily life in Seoul Inside Seoul with Webtoon

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    Seoul, the global center of Korean culture!
    Experience the vibrance of life in Seoul through webtoons!
    You can now read stories depicting popular attractions and daily life in Seoul through webtoons.
    Seoul life drawn and written by 3 artists!
    Stay tuned!


    Yulri (@yuribyyul): Stories of small yet meaningful happiness experienced in Seoul—from exchanged glances, pleasant conversations, exciting moments and nostalgic memories—depicted as drawings that follow the daily life of two people.

    Episode 1 – DDP Episode 2 – Sebitseom Island


    Soosemi (@soosemi_diary): Stories of obscure yet must-know facts about Seoul told as a witty and sensible sitcom of everyday life with cute drawings in vibrant colors.

    Episode 1 – ARISU Episode 2 – Seoul City Tour Bus NEpisode 3 – Safety and Security


    Penguin (@plm_penguin): Stories of funky yet useful information about traveling in Seoul by Penguin and Mev from Penguin Loves Mev depicted as drawings that follow a delightful and realistic love story.

    Episode 1 – Traditional Culture Episode 2 – Subway