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  • Ep. 4_Waterside Leisure at Sebitseom Island on the Hangang River!

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    The fourth installment of daily life in Seoul with Yulri!

    Did you know that there are three bright islets on the Hangang River called Sebitseom Island?
    Fun fact: Branded as “sevit,” it is the world’s first and largest floating structure!
    Serving as a water convention facility on an artificial island, it attracts many visitors.

    The three islets are Chaebitseom (“chavit”), Solbitseom (“solvit”), and Gabitseom (“gavit”),
    and each have their own unique characteristics and serve different functions.
    Chavit features open multi-purpose space with restaurants.
    Solvit features a multi-purpose area for waterside leisure.
    Gavit features a cultural arena for conferences and fashion shows.

    Let’s take a look at Yulri’s lovely writing and illustration to enjoy the charms of Sebitseom Island,
    where you can enjoy cultural entertainment while taking in the beautiful view of the Hangang River.

    * Yulri (@yulri.kr) tells stories of small yet meaningful happiness experienced in Seoul with lovely drawings of cute characters.

    [Some Sevit x Yulri] A bright day spent with you,
    [Tubester] while watching the sun rays shine on the river / A picnic on the Hangang River is so nice~ / There's a reason millions of people visit here!
    [Beer garden] resting underneath the beautiful skies / It's amazing that the building floats on water.
    [Full moon lights] to feel your heart flutter under the moon / A lot of people propose and have their weddings here. / How romantic~
    [Moonlight rainbow fountain] hundreds and thousands of memories made, like the rays of a rainbow. / Let's come see the rainbow fountain on our day off.