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  • Ducksu Middle School Made Green with PPP Cooperation

  • Environment & Energy news SMG 549

    The surroundings of Ducksu Middle School’s playground have become a green space to relax among flowers and under the trees. The desolate vacant lot was reborn through the school afforestation project.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) planted trees, including red-bark dogwoods, spindle trees, kerrias and azaleas, as well as flowering plants, including big blue lilyturfs, in the vacant lot in the playground. It is expected for particulate matter to decrease through this project, and school students and faculty will be able to enjoy a peaceful time in nature.

    This project was conducted as part of the Seoul Blooms with Flowers campaign that has been executed since 2013. This afforestation project was executed as public-private partnership (PPP) by the SMG in cooperation with citizens and private companies as their social contribution activities for bus stops, school zones, playgrounds and parks were expanded to now cover schools.

    The SMG has pursued so far various urban afforestration projects related to social contribution activities of private companies. Over eight years, the city has conducted 106 afforestration projects with 196 companies. The project is considered to be a successful case of PPP cooperation between citizens, private companies and the municipal government as it has attracted private capital of about KRW 17.5 billion.

    This project is more meaningful in that it is the first afforestration project for a school that is done based on the cooperation of citizens, private companies and the municipal government. It is expected that the students and faculty can relieve stress and work in a pleasant environment while watching the flowers and trees in this dismal situation due to COVID-19.