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  • Donuimun Museum Village

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    Donuimun Museum Village retaining the history of modern and contemporary Seoul.

    Donuimun Museum Village is a place where you can witness traces of history and life of modern and contemporary Seoul. In recognition of its historical value, it avoided demolition and has been reborn as a museum village by preserving the appearance of its past.

    Visitors can see old architecture and facilities as well as replications of studios and exhibitions in the Hall of Seoul Future Heritage, which are perfect for educational purposes for children.

    In addition, visitors can also experience and learn about Korean traditions in the village’s hanok architecture space.

    Come visit Donuimun Museum Village and immerse yourself in the architecture, exhibitions and various experiences that encapsulate not only modern and contemporary Seoul, but also the past history of Seoul.

    Address: 14-3, Songwol-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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