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  • Deepbrain AI—The First Korean Company to Win GITEX in Dubai

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    Deepbrain AI, a Korean artificial intelligence (AI) company, participated the annual consumer computer and electronics trade show Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) held in Dubai on Oct. 17–21. Joining the GITEX Future Stars Supernova Challenge, Deepbrain AI surpassed 700 global competitors, and became the first Korean company to win the top prize.

    Deepbrain AI is a developer of interactive AI human solutions that use image and speech synthesis via deep learning. It was awarded the Draper-Aladdin Supernova Prize along with USD 55,000 as well as received an investment opportunity of up to USD 500,000 from venture capitalist Tim Draper, who is most prominent for his early investments in Skype, Tesla, and Baidu.

    Rootonix, a Korean healthcare company that also participated in GITEX Future Stars Supernova Challenge, pulled off a contract worth a total of USD 100,000 through sample sales and an MOU with a local company.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) supported the entire process of the event so that nine ICT startups participate in the GITEX Future Stars Supernova Challenge, and to promote their technologies and products. The SMG also actively organized matching and networking between participating companies and local investors through cooperation with local investors in Dubai.

    Moreover, the SMG’s PR Hall at GITEX made efforts to discover potential investors such as global companies and foreign investors through about 80 consultations, and the SMG will continue with follow-up discussions to attract foreign investors to companies in Seoul.

    Photos from GITEX in Dubai

    Photos from GITEX in Dubai
    Deepbrain, winner of the AI Supernova Challenge Rootonix signs an MOU
    GITEX Future Stars – SMG Booth GITEX – Investor consultation at the SMG’s PR Hall