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  • DDP Design Fair Held Successfully With 220,000+ Online & Offline Visitors

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    2021 DDP Design Fair was successfully held by the Seoul Design Foundation on both online and offline channels for the first time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, attracting over 220,000 visitors.

    The offline exhibition was open from Tue, Oct. 19 to Mon, Oct. 25, attracting over 20,000 visitors over the course of one week. This is the maximum number of visitors allowed under COVID-19 protocols, which indicates the industry’s high level of interest in the event. In addition, as of November, the online exhibition, which was organized for industry insiders and those who cannot visit the exhibition in person, has been seen over 200,000 visitors. The online exhibition will continue to remain open until Fri, Dec. 31.

    Held for the third time this year, DDP Design Fair is securing competitiveness as an industrial fair specializing in design fields by winning a high level of satisfaction and great responses from designers and small businesses. It is growing into a space of business for the design industry where not only new design works are displayed, but also designers and small manufacturing businesses launch and receive orders for new products through collaboration, which can even lead to the promotion of employment and business establishments in the industry.

    At the 2021 DDP Design Fair held amidst the pandemic, a total of 170 design works representing the changed lifestyle patterns were on display under the theme of “Wonderful Life” focusing on leisure, therapy, one-person furniture, and home office categories.

    2021 DDP Design Fair’s international online exhibition(www.ddpdesignfair-ex.or.kr) along with a range of events will continue to remain open until Fri, Dec. 31 for those who cannot visit the fair in person due to international travel restrictions. The online exhibition offers special content not available through the offline exhibition, such as behind-the-scenes for each product as well as philosophies and episodes of participating designers and small businesses during the process of collaboration.

    The seven winners of the 2021 DDP Best Design Awards represent design trends we can anticipate in 2022. These works will be on display in the December issue of Monthly Design and at DDP’s outdoor showcase exhibition. The designs will be manufactured into products, and be available for purchase at DDP Design Store.

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