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Greetings, I am Park Won-soon, the Mayor of Seoul. Welcome to Seoul Metropolitan Government's Foreign Language Website.
Overview: It is a great joy and honor for me as the Mayor of Seoul to welcome international citizens to this great historic city.
Mayor’s Bio: The profile of Seoul’s 35th mayor, Park Won Soon.
Information about organizational chart of Seoul City Hall, its administrative duties, directions and administrative history.
Seoul Symbols: Current insignia, slogan, brand, and typography of Seoul.
Organization Chart: Seoul Metropolitan Government and Metropolitan Council organization chart.
History of Administration: Seoul’s administrative history.
Overview of City Hall: After four years and five months of construction, Seoul City Hall was reborn in October 2012.
Information on Seoul's competitive ranking, the city that fascinated the world
Seoul’s Competitiveness: Seoul is a globally recognized city,  and we provide information on  Seoul's competitive ranking.
City Competitiveness Index: Evaluated information on Seoul's competitiveness  index investigated by “Strategy Analytics”,  a technology market research firm in the United States
Survey of Seoul’s Foreign Residents: According to the results of the survey among long-term  foreign residents living in Seoul, Seoul has been  continuously enhancing the quality of life...
Seoul Statistics by Category
See the diverse sides of Seoul through the history, the four seasons, locations, population information and many different images.

Significance of Seoul

Located at the heart of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul has always been an important strategic point throughout the centuries in terms of defense and the economy, from one kingdom to the next.