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  • Commercialization of Autonomous Vehicles Starting in Sangam-dong, Seoul

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is conducting its autonomous vehicle pilot operation in Sangam-dong for citizens to freely ride autonomous vehicles as a mode of transportation.

    Starting Tue, Nov. 30, three autonomous cars will run through Sangam-dong from DMC Station to apartment complexes and office areas. Passengers can call the vehicles by calling through a smartphone app. By the end of December, three more vehicles including one autonomous bus that runs through DMC Station, World Cup Station, and World Cup Park will be added and expanded to a total of six vehicles.

    They will be operated for free for about a month so that many citizens can experience autonomous vehicles, and then will be converted to paid transportation in January next year.

    On Mon, Nov. 29, the SMG will hold the Autonomous Transportation Operation Ceremony at S-Plex Center Plaza in Sangam-dong, signaling the beginning of the era of autonomous vehicles. Mayor Oh Se-hoon boarded an autonomous car as the first passenger, and traveled about 2.9 km from S-Plex Center to Gugak FM Building in Sangam-dong. The SMG aims to introduce and operate over 50 autonomous vehicles by 2026 in Sangam-dong alone, establishing them as a mode of public transportation used by citizens in their daily lives, and to make Seoul a model city for autonomous driving.

    After the completion of the ceremony, the Autonomous Driving Challenge 2021 co-hosted by the SMG and Hyundai Motor Company was held in Sangam’s autonomous vehicle pilot operating district. It is a new name for the “University Student Autonomous Driving Competition” that was started in 2010, and a challenge where the university students build their own autonomous cars and compete for their technological prowess. It has been held every other year and celebrated its 6th anniversary in 2021. The competitions so far have mainly consisted of functional tests, driving one car at a time on a closed track, such as driving test sites.

    Unlike other competitions held in the past, this competition will make evaluations based on autonomous driving technology through a race of multiple cars on an actual open road. The biggest difference is that it is being held at the autonomous vehicle pilot operating district, which is the world’s first 5G convergence urban autonomous driving testbed.

    Citizens were able to enjoy the event filmed by cameras installed throughout the driving course streamed on a huge screen in a realistic way as possible at Digital Media Street (DMS) in Sangam-dong.