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  • Childcare Consultations at Seoul Kium Daycare Centers

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is providing step-by-step customized consulting at Seoul Kium daycare centers to improve the quality of childcare services for elementary school students during intermittent periods such as after school, vacations, and holidays.

    ※ Seoul Kium Daycare Centers ※

    Opened in 2018, Seoul Kium daycare centers provide after school childcare programs to elementary school students, and there are currently 165 centers in operation, of which 79 new centers have opened since October 2020. Seoul Kium daycare centers are divided into general-type, integrated-type and magnet-type centers according to their size and operation.

    General-type centers are small in scale (+66 m2) and provide intermittent after school childcare programs for residents within a 10-minute distance.

    Integrated-type centers are medium-sized (+210 m2) with more coverage, such as playing the role of linking their programs with village childcare resources, on top of providing the same childcare services as general-type centers.

    Magnet-type centers were created as representative regional bases that draw students from across boundaries to provide wider scale and scope of services, such as art, cultural and experience programs, compared to conventional childcare facilities and comprehensive support for local community care organizations as well as regional Kium daycare centers.

    The SMG is providing childcare consultations at Seoul Kium daycare centers in the order of their opening by three phases. Consulting consists of field visits by consultants comprising academics, street-level experts and promotion support groups, and intensive consulting by group.

    The Seoul Foundation of Women & Family has completed the first round of consultations up until this past May for 22 Seoul Kium daycare centers that opened from around October and November of 2020, and will continue to provide continuous support. Seoul Kium daycare centers’ consultation services are conducted based on inspections in six areas: child recruitment; child management; child convenience; priority-centered childcare; local priority-based childcare; and stable operational system.

    The SMG plans to conduct satisfaction surveys on Seoul Kium daycare center users who received consultations—children and their guardians—to verify the operational effectiveness and identify the key points of consultation.