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  • Check your “Smart Seoul Map” for Zero Waste Shops

  • Press Releases SMG 366
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government became the first municipal organization to provide maps containing visualized information about 70 zero waste stores
    • Information about each type of store and waste reduction records are shared on the map, minimizing waste and inducing eco-friendly consumption
    • Seoul will prepare detailed certification standards for zero waste shops, provide zero waste signs from next March, and provide administrative support
    • The introduction of the service is expected to create a virtuous cycle of the increased number of environmentally friendly consumption and expansion of zero waste stores

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 5, 2021 – Seoul provides location information of around 70 zero waste cafés, dining places, refill stores, and eco-friendly marts via its digital map, Smart Seoul Map. Zero waste shops refer to retail stores and eateries trying to minimize disposable products and packaging and sell small-sized or refillable products. Information about zero waste shops is available on the website of Smart Seoul Map (https://map.seoul.go.kr) from PC and mobile browsers.

    The Smart Seoul Map is the SMG’s representative map portal, where documented information can be turned into map information without any particular budget. Every citizen looking for health, safety, and tourism information can access the map for free.

    So far, ecologically concerned consumers have looked up information about zero waste stores on search engines. Now, Smart Seoul Map allow them to easily find the information they need and use the map in their daily lives.

    Seoul is the first Korean municipality to provide digital maps for zero waste shops. The goal of the SMG is to minimize garbage, prevent environmental pollution, and thereby help citizens cultivate eco-friendly consumption habits.

    By clicking the “Zero Waste” icon on the main screen of the Seoul Smart Map, users can verify where cafés, refill shops, and green marts are located. And by clicking each store’s icon, the name, contact info, website, and social media accounts pop up.

    In particular, if users click “Details,” they can check the detailed information about the opening hours, items being sold, and zero waste records of the stores. For instance, if they are looking for eco-friendly cafés, they can check which one offers a discount for reusable cups or tries to cut down on disposable items. As for refill shops, the information about whether visitors can buy dish soaps or shampoos by bringing their containers is available.

    The SMG plans to keep updating the store list for the Smart Seoul Map going forward. Zero waste stores can register or revise their information online by visiting Seoul Environmental Education Portal (https://ecoedu.seoul.go.kr/).

    Meanwhile, to expedite waste reduction, Seoul is planning to introduce “Zero Waste Store Certification.” The city government will prepare certification standards by February and provide zero waste store signs to certified stores from the first half of next year. The SMG will spare no administrative effort by actively promoting the program via its official social media. While inducing citizens to use reusable products for the environment, Seoul will continuously invigorate zero waste shops so that more stores switch to zero waste to get more consumers.

    “Now we can consume eco-friendly products more easily thanks to the information about zero waste shops on Smart Seoul Map,” said Jung Mi-Seon, Director of Resource Recycling Division. “Seoul will keep upgrading the service to help citizens adopt zero waste practices, such as the packaging-free purchase or use of reusable containers, in their day to day lives.”

    Smart Seoul Map provides location information of zero waste cafés, dining places, refill stores, and eco-friendly marts