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  • “Baekje Historic Area” Selected as the Most Anticipated Policy of Seoul Vision 2030

  • Urban Planning News SMG 2273

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced the poll results of the most anticipated policy of Seoul Vision 2030 by international voters conducted for 11 days from Nov. 19 to Nov. 29. According to the results, the number one anticipated policy was “Baekje Historic Area.”

    A poll was conducted for 30 major city projects for the implementation of Seoul Vision 2030, drawing a total of 6,227 respondents. Each voter was allowed to cast 5 to 10 votes, resulting in a total of 44,711 votes.

    Among the major projects of Seoul Vision 2030, which contains the future visions of the SMG’s administrative operation for the next decade, “Baekje Historic Area” (3,477 votes; 7.8%) was selected as the most anticipated policy by international voters.

    It was followed by “Seoul Water Recycling Experience Center” (3,305 votes; 7.4%), “2022 Seoul Festa” (3,185 votes; 7.1%), “Financial Center of Asia” (2,663 votes; 6.0%), “Manual-Based Safe City” (2,620 votes; 5.9%), and “Global Beauty Hub” (2,246 votes; 5.0%).

    In terms of the four great visions of Seoul Vision 2030, Global Leadership (33.9%) and Future Vibes (31.0%) earned the highest interest among international voters, followed by Co-prosperity (19.6%) and Urban Resilience (15.5%).

    ※ Most Anticipated Policy of Seoul Vision 2030

    ※ Most Anticipated Policy of Seoul Vision 2030
    Ranking Category Policy Votes Percentage
    1 Future Vibes Baekje Historic Area 3,477 7.8%
    2 Future Vibes Seoul Water Recycling Experience Center 3,305 7.4%
    3 Global Leadership 2022 Seoul Festa 3,185 7.1%
    4 Global Leadership Financial Center of Asia 2,663 6.0%
    5 Urban Resilience Manual-Based Safe City 2,620 5.9%
    6 Global Leadership Global Beauty Hub 2,246 5.0%

    In terms of language, English-speaking voters showed the highest participation accounting for 80.1%, and it was followed by Simplified Chinese (7.0%), Traditional Chinese (9.2%), and Japanese (3.7%).

    From this policy voting, the SMG was able to confirm that many international citizens are highly interested in Seoul Vision 2030, the blueprint for the future of Seoul. Meanwhile, the SMG plans to expand its policy implementation process centering around the two visions of Global Leadership and Future Vibes, which earned the most votes, and constantly informing of the newly changing Seoul to the world.