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  • Announcement of Winners of “The Charms of Seoul” Global Content Contest

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    “Seoul You Want to Revisit” The Charms of Seoul Global Content Contest

    Thank you for your interest in Seoul’s “The Charms of Seoul” global content contest. The winners are as follows and will be contacted individually.

    Category: Video

    Category: Video
    No. Prize Title Winner
    1 Grand Prize SEOUL for soul :
    Resembling the Iconic Sparkles of Memories and Destinations
    2 Gold To. Seoul 이○찬
    3 Silver Wandering around Seoul, CITY OF INSPIRATION 방랑○○
    4 What is your SEOUL ○○○○○ ESSENTIAL
    5 Bronze Seoul’s Charm – Coexistence 김○민
    6 My ‘green’ Seoul 하○진
    7 Seoul in Motion – One city, thousands of opportunities ○○○&ANNA
    8 Runners-Up Hello Seoul City 김○우
    9 The light of Seoul 최○선
    10 Colorful Seoul 극단 ○○○○
    11 Sideways, Byways of Seoul ○○형제
    12 COLOR in SEOUL 다○면
    13 When It ends ○○클립
    14 Hidden places of Seoul ○○○○○ Трофимова
    15 In Love with Seoul Jimi ○○○○○○
    16 Seoul’s Charm Discovered by a Foreign Resident Living in Korea for Five Years KON○○○○
    17 Seoul You Want to Revisit 리○슌

    Category: Image

    Category: Image
    No. Prize Title Winner
    1 Gold Landscaping Painting of Seoul 유○희
    2 Silver The Time When the Fairy Tale Begins 송○욱
    3 Hanok Village on a Snowy Day 이○은
    4 Bronze A City of Tradition and Future over Four Seasons 박○식
    5 The Autumn of the National Museum of Korea 신○호
    6 A Temple in the Center of the City 조○훈
    7 Runners-Up Tightrope Walking 고○훈
    8 A City of Light in Darkness 김○근
    9 Sunset 민○태
    10 Coexistence of Times 박○원
    11 Ancient Palace BESIDE 박○준
    12 Like Those in the Past 송○찬
    13 Spring in the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace 신○희
    14 The Sky on the Day of Buddha’s Birthday 오○안
    15 Exciting Banquet 정○식
    16 Welcome to Seoul 남○경

    Category: Children

    Category: Children
    No. Title Winner
    1 Mom and Child 곽○성
    2 Namdaemun Gate 유○훈
    3 The Second Lotte World 우○연
    4 On the Way to Work 김○영
    5 Seoul in My Heart 김○
    6 Seoul on My Mind 손○준

    Initially, there were supposed to be 15 awardees for the Children category, but only 7 were selected in consideration of the submitted works’ compatibility with the theme of the contest.